eDesign - 3D Rendering Service Sample
eDesign - 3D Rendering Service Sample
eDesign - 3D Rendering Service Sample

3D Rendering

  • Direct Communication with a Professional eDesigner

  • One Round of Revisions (optional)

  • Floor Plan & Elevation Drawings

  • 4 - 6 Photorealistic Renderings that Represent Your Room

  • Interior Design Notes & Setup Instructions

  • NOTE: Prices quoted in CAD (tax included). I service across Canada & USA

  • Still have questions? Call 877-477-5117 or contact us here.

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"We recently renovated our lakefront cottage using services from Orangtree Interiors.  The project included a complete kitchen design and bathroom makeover. Val did a great job of delivering designs that met our needs and fit our style.  The 3D renderings she provided really helped us to visualize our space.  Throughout the several month project, she was always there to work with us on materials selections and provide guidance throughout each stage of the design. Even though the service was provided almost completely online, Val made us feel like she was there with us through each phase.  We could contact her any time and her replies were always prompt. We recommend Val/Orangetree Interiors for any project big or small and plan to use her again for future projects." - Ron D.
The 3D Rendering e-design service is an add-on service that is ideal for clients that need a little extra help visualizing a space they've designed themselves. 3D renderings provide a photo-realistic representation of the newly decorated/renovated space to help clients get a genuine sense of scale, proportion, furniture and decor placement.

  1. Purchase 3D Rendering as an add-on to your Design & Decorate or Design Advice e-design service.

  2. I'll use the design you approved from Design & Decorate or create renderings from the discussions during your Design Advice session to create a photo-realistic representation of your space. Please allow 5 business days/room for 3D renderings.

  3. Once the 3D rendering process is complete, I'll send you a presentation file that includes a floor plan, elevation drawings and 4-6 renderings so that you can view your space from several angles.

  4. Feel confident about your design choices before placing orders for your new home construction/renovation materials, furnishings, decor, lighting, etc.
  • First and foremost, you enjoy DIY projects, but you prefer having the guidance of an interior design professional to ensure that your completed design is not only beautiful but also "works" in your space.

  • You want a space designed by a professional interior designer, but you don't have a flexible schedule that allows you to meet for various interior design appointments and therefore you need a more convenient way to complete your project.

  • While one-on-one professional interior decorating services are appealing to you, you prefer the affordability of online interior design.

  • Lastly, you need a little help with visualization and feel more comfortable buying large ticket furnishings when you can see how they will look in your space before you purchase them.
      Are you a person that likes to see and review every single detail before you proceed with a purchase? I can't blame you; I'm the same way. It's actually one of the reasons I came up with this service.  3D Rendering provides you with a way to see your newly designed space before you buy anything for it. It gives you visual reassurance and therefore eliminates the likelihood of buyer's remorse. It's a more modern and more efficient version of interior design that focuses on convenience.  If you have any questions, please email me at vmalnar@orangetreeinteriors.com or contact me here. 

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