Customize It!

2-5 Hours of Dedicated E-Design Work
Direct Communication with an E-Designer
Professional Shopping Services
Access to Trade Exclusive Furnishings
Curated Furniture & Decor for Your Personal Style
Professional Presentation Document that Includes:
Customized Style Board with One Photorealistic Representation Your Room
Clickable Shopping List for Easy Purchase of Furnishings
Interior Design Notes & Setup Instructions
Happiness Guarantee
- Customize It! E-Design Service Listed in Full Below - 

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Lets face it, we all want to be unique. Why should our homes be any different? We appreciate your desire to be different and have created a service to accommodate you. Our Customize It! e-design service provides you with the option to customize up to five items within your Ready Now! or Design & Decorate room design. 

How does it work?
  1. Purchase Customize It!
  2. After receiving your Ready Now! or Design & Decorate room design, email to tell us which items you would like to customize
  3. We'll send you three custom options to choose from per item (15 custom items in total)
  4. Select your preferences and communicate them to us
  5. We'll send you the customized style board and shopping list
  6. Review your interactive shopping list to place your order with each retailer
  7. Create and enjoy your new happy place