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  • Direct Communication with an E-Designer
  • Professional Shopping Services
  • Access to Trade Exclusive Furnishings (optional)
  • Curated Furniture & Decor for Your Personal Style
  • Customized Style Board with 1 Photorealistic Representation Your Room
  • Clickable Shopping List for Easy Purchase of Furnishings
  • Interior Design Notes & Setup Instructions
  • NOTE: Prices quoted in CAD (no taxes). We service across Canada & USA
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    "I wish I could give 10 stars on google. Contacting Orangetree Interiors is the single best decision I have made through the whole process. I could not recommend this service enough. The designer Val, is an incredible communicator. Throughout the entire design process she was listening to my ideas while always steering me to the best design options for my space. She focused on optimizing the natural light from the room, adding ambient lighting, making sure the furniture was all my style and functioned and fit the space properly. She also kept in mind a few of my existing pieces of furniture and added a few pieces to the design. Even after discussing over 20 shades of white, she still had time for me. (We narrowed it down to one, Cloud White - the original white Val suggested to me!) Val is punctual, hardworking, detail oriented and delivered more then I could have ever expected. When I opened the drawings I got pretty emotional. I am not a visual person and tend to continually pick up pieces that I am not that thrilled with when I get them home. Now I have the designs and measurements for my dream room, I will be able to purchase the items that I love and that will actually work with the function of my room. Like I say, 10 stars!" - Jodie L.


    Let's face it, we all have things we are particular about. Why should how we design our homes be any different? I have created a service to accommodate such particularness (I know, I know...that's not word, but you get the drift). My Customize It! e-design service provides you with the option to customize up to five items within the Design & Decorate room design that was created for you. 

    1. Purchase Customize It! Payment is required to begin your project.  Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, ApplePay, PayPal or e-transfer to vmalnar@orangetreeinteriors.com are all accepted methods of payment.

    2. After receiving your Design & Decorate room design, email vmalnar@orangetreeinteriors.com to tell me which items you would like to customize.

    3. I'll send you three alternative options to choose from per item (for up to five items - 15 items in total) via email or a private Pinterest board.

    4. Select your preferences and communicate them to me

    5. I'll send you an updated style board and shopping list

    6. Review your clickable shopping list to place your order with each retailer

    7. Using the tools I have provided you with, get to work on creating and enjoying your new space!

     If you have any questions, please email me at vmalnar@orangetreeinteriors.com or contact me here

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