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Summer is one of the busiest seasons for the interior design industry due to the warmer temperatures making opening up the windows to air out paint and other renovation odors more tolerable.  It’s also a time that people often spend tackling their own DIY projects and decorating their homes.  In honour of this fact, we thought we’d let you know about a tool that will help you take your home decorating project to the next level.

This tool will help you……

  • How to determine your unique design style and make it work with the styles of others in your home
  • How to create the "feeling" you want to experience when you're at home
  • How to make a design that is cohesive throughout
  • How to choose a home paint color scheme that flows
  • How to determine your decorating budget and stick to it
  • How to decorate open concept spaces
  • How to create a functional floor plan and select furniture that is the appropriate size for your home
  • How to style coffee tables, shelves, console tables, and more
  • How to hang art and create gallery walls
  • How to make a beautiful bed
  • How to light a room properly
  • How to mix and coordinate patterns so that all the textiles (furniture fabric, pillows, drapes, rugs, wallpaper, etc) enhance the beauty of your home.

Home is the place that you should feel most comfortable, it should function well for your lifestyle and be a representation of who you are as a person and for that reason I developed the DIY Interior Design Course.  


online diy interior design course

It is my opinion that EVERYONE deserves to live in a beautiful home.  This course is my effort to serve the masses.  The people who like doing it themselves and the people who don’t have the budget right now to hire a designer.  The course explains the step-by-step process I use to decorate my clients’ homes from start to finish.
The course includes 3 hours of video content, a 140+ page Home Design planner with worksheets, checklists and guides to help you through the process, as well as a 30-minute call with me to finalize your decorating plans to ensure you feel confident about what you’ve designed.

Let's take a deeper dive into the DIY Interior Design Course and what it has to offer…


online design course diy

Function & Feel

In this module I teach you the fundamentals of design and what is needed for GOOD interior design. I also show you how to use colour to create the feeling you want for your home so that it reflects your desired vibe.


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Branding your Home

Interior design is a way of personalizing your home to your own design aesthetic and lifestyle. In this module I explain the importance of branding your home so that it is uniquely you.

Getting Started

This module provides you with the tools you need to start your project and keep it organized throughout the design process.  Some resources include; budget calculators, measuring guides, furniture size and space guidelines and furniture templates and grid paper to assist you with furniture layouts.


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Now that you have the foundation in place, this module teaches you how to tackle your project effectively so that you stay on budget. I also teach you how to create a moodboard so you can visualize how your space will look before you spend any money. 


Styling is one of the most fun (and sometimes daunting) parts of interior decorating projects. 

This module is jam packed with guides on how to style coffee tables, bookshelves and console tables, how to coordinate patterns, determine the amount of light required, area rug placement and tips for hanging art and gallery walls, etc.

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This module teaches you how to pick the PERFECT paint colours for your home. I share my favourite paint colours and how you can ensure the colours you choose for your home are cohesive throughout.  

And There's Even Bonuses! 

  • A list of 200+ of my favourite retailers in the USA and Canada with descriptions of what they sell, their style and budget-friendliness
  • Links to my favourite furniture & decor for inspiration
  • A Smart Shopping Guide
  • A trade discount for paint (USA & Canada only)



    take the online interior design course

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      And that's everything…......well, except for the fact that we are now offering an affiliate program for the course.  Learn more about the affiliate program here.   

      Learn More

       If you take the  DIY Interior Design Course [and you love it], you can now become an affiliate for the course an earn a commission for any referrals you make for the course.  

      What previous students are saying….

      interior design testimonial interior design testimonial
      interior design testimonial interior design testimonial
      take the online interior design course


      Just want a cohesive paint colour scheme to make your home beautiful?  Click here to get 20 expertly curated paint colour schemes.  
      paint colour schemes for home 2022

      Not into DIY? 

      Check out our virtual interior design services. We'd love to help you!

      Virtual interior design services


      See some of our projects and how clients felt about the services we offer via our portfolio here and testimonials here.


      And if you’re not quite ready to invest in your home, sign up for our free interior decorating and design inspiration via our Design Tribe.


      Join the Design Tribe

      Or check out some of our latest Like to Know It round ups of our favourite furniture and decor.


      That's all for now, hope to see you on the inside of the course!

       Val from Orangetree Interiors

      Certified Interior Decorator, eDesigner & Founder
      Orangetree Interiors


      P.S.  For a taste of what to expect in the course, check out my FREE Perfect Paint Colour Checklist & Coordinating Paint Colours Guide!

       paint colour free checklist guide



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