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Every time you enter a room in your home you think, “OMG, I get to live here!”

Your home is beautiful (but approachable), AND reflects your personal style.

Friends and family praise your design sense and wish their home looked as good as yours.


    You’re smart, competent and have a great sense of style – but up until now, you haven’t figured out a way to make all the rooms in your home feel like they belong together.

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    Define Your Style, Create a Plan & Get Your Home Decorated Once and for All!

    Let’s face it, not everyone wants to hire a professional Interior Decorator or Designer. I’ve learned that a lot of people take joy in decorating their homes and they want the feeling of accomplishment that comes from having designed something beautiful all on their own.  So I’ve created a step-by-step process that teaches people the information they need to hone in on their interior design style and create a beautiful home that they love and feel proud of.


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    This DIY Interior Design® course gives you a roadmap to success for decorating your home.  

    So you end up with a design that YOU created and reflects who you are!  

    So you can feel proud and accomplished about designing your home all on your own.  

    DIY Interior Design® provides you with the information you need to transform your underwhelming home into an envy-worthy space.  Your roadmap to success is given to you in a snack-size format that is easy to consume all at once or on a bit-by-bit basis.  You get lifetime access so that you can fit the course easily into your busy schedule.

    AND, it costs LESS than a consultation with a professional Interior Decorator or Designer....well at least for now.   

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    I'll be releasing the course at an introductory rate of only $69 USD for a limited time. This price won’t last long as I’m continually adding new content to the course. 

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    If you're like most people that decorate their home, you struggle with....

    • Creating a design that is cohesive throughout your entire home

    • Purchasing items for your home that you love only to realize they don't go with the rest of your aesthetic - meaning you've wasted valuable time and money!

    •  Knowing where to start and how to tackle a decorating project in an efficient manner

    • Living in a home that you're less than satisfied with because you don't have ALL the knowledge required to execute a beautiful design

      The DIY Interior Design® course is the END of your struggles. It’s time to put your vision into action and make it a reality. 

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    You work too hard not to live in a home you love.  Living in a home that functions well and fills you with pride positively effects your day-to-day life - I know from personal experience!  Design the home you've always wanted using the DIY Interior Design® course.  You'll thank yourself for it!