What's the difference between a traditional interior decorator and a virtual interior decorator?

Not much really.  All of our virtual interior decorators are certified interior decorators. The difference is in the process and the financial investment. Decorating online is super convenient.  There is no need to take time off work or re-arrange your schedule to meet with an interior decorator in person.  Our process is done completely online via your computer or smartphone and our Virtual Design Center.  And, since there isn't anyone making visits to your home, there isn't the need to charge for all the travel and appointment time, thus saving you money. 

What is a Virtual Design Center?

A Virtual Design Center is like an online showroom.  Think of it as a click-and-mortar space, rather than a brick-and-mortar location. We'll invite you into our Virtual Design Center to share ideas, photos, drawings and design communication.  Once you've started a project with us we'll send you a link via email to gain access. 

I'm not tech-savvy, is there another way we can communicate?

Certainly. Although, if you can send an email and upload an attachment, then you have all the skills required to use our Virtual Design Center; it truly is very easy to use.  The Virtual Design Center prevents your inbox and ours from filling up due to large image files. It's also a great place for us to track our communication so that we're all on the same page.  That said, if you're not comfortable using the platform, we can accommodate you via email, scans, faxes and phone calls. This is supposed to be convenient and easy - not stressful, so please let us know where your comfort lies.   

What does a room design include?

Our services are charged on a per room basis. Therefore, for every room we design you will receive; full communication with your decorator throughout the process, a floor plan, a Concept and/or Style Board, one round of free revisions, an interactive shopping list of all the items included in your design (within your budget) and instructions describing how to put the final design together.

How will you know how to decorate in a style that I like?

We've created a thorough Style Quiz & Lifestyle Questionnaire to help us with this very important task.  In addition, you may submit any inspiration photos you have or share any Pinterest, Houzz or other boards that you have that will help us understand your style better. Please also let us know if you have any favourite places to shop; that always makes determining a style easier.  And, if you're not sure what your style is - no worries, we'll work it out together. 

What is a Concept Board?

A concept board is board that is presented to you as a concept for design in the very beginning stages. Based on the information gathered from the Style Quiz & Lifestyle Questionnaire and any other communication with you, one of our certified interior decorators will create a Concept Board that demonstrates a general idea for your new space with respect to colour scheme, furnishings, decor, etc. 

What is a Style Board?

Similar to a Concept Board, a Style Board helps you to visualize how your room will look once the process is complete. It provides a good representation of scale and proportion, as well as includes the items you approved throughout the design process. 

Style Board | Online Interior Decorating by Orangetree Interiors

How long does the process take?

The process varies depending on the scope of the project. You will be contacted within two business days of the submission of your Style Quiz & Lifestyle Questionnaire. At that time, you will be given access to our Virtual Design Center where we can communicate more in depth about your project wish list and goals. Once we have a clear understanding about the scope of the project, it typically takes one week to receive your Concept Board and another week after you approve the design to receive your final Style Board. 

Can I add my own input to the design?

Absolutely!  We want you to be happy with the end result, therefore your input is welcome. The more we understand you and your wants, needs and style, the better equipped we are to deliver a design that you are thrilled about. That said, please provide your input at the beginning of the project and/or once you have been given your Concept Board.  Changing the details of a project can sometimes result in a complete room re-design. It's best if we have all of your information upfront to avoid additional fees.

Can I change my project details throughout the process?

Yes, but as mentioned above, please keep in mind that changing details of a project can sometimes result in a complete room re-design. We will provide you with one round of revisions at no charge. This allows you to change out five items. We'll give you three options to choose from per item. Therefore, it's best to try to resist the urge to shop while we are working on your design so that we are not repeatedly re-working a design. If you would like further revisions, check out our Customize It! service. 

Can I use some of my existing furnishings/decor in the design?

Of course!  We understand that some items have sentimental value or may still be in good condition.  We also value the environment, so the less waste we contribute to our Mother Earth, the better.  Please take photographs and provide dimensions of any items that you have that you would like to keep and send them to your decorator to include in your design. 

How much will all the items chosen for my design cost?

Good question. Project details vary on a per case basis. It's difficult to provide a ballpark figure for a few reasons. The biggest thing you'll want to consider is whether you are replacing or re-using current furniture because furniture is typically the most expensive part of a design.  You'll also need to consider the quality of the items you want to include in your design. Some clients insist on high-end or brand name products, while others like to change things up every couple of years and therefore they are less concerned with the longevity of the items used in their space.  Ultimately, you decide the budget and we work within it. 

Is it really possible to design a space well without visiting it?

Definitely! Once you send us your room dimensions, details about the items that you are keeping and photos of your current space we'll have all the tools we need to create the design.  We'll review everything thoroughly and make selections and recommendations that make sense in terms of scale, proportion and style. 

How do I measure my room dimensions?

Let's keep this as easy as possible.  A quick sketch of your room's walls (does not have to be to scale) with dimensions listed on each wall including notations for size and location of windows, doorways and doors, as well as door swings and window elevations will suffice. Please also indicate ceiling height for each room, as well as any structural items such as fireplaces, pillars, beams, etc. 

Client submitted floor plan sketch - Online Interior Decorating by Orangetree Interiors

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express for service transactions.  

What if I'm not happy with the design?

We make every effort to guarantee you are happy with your final design.  There is plenty of time throughout the process to communicate what you love and don't like about a design. We'll have lots of opportunity to ensure you are pleased. However, in the event that you are less than completely satisfied with your design, we will work with you to re-create a space you'll be please with. In the very unlikely event that you are still unhappy, please review our Refund Policy. 

Do I have to order my design items immediately after I receive my final design?

No, but please note that there is risk to waiting.  Your items may go out of stock or the price may increase.  If you do decide to wait and you fall victim to a stock or price issue, we will be happy to update the design for you, but it will counted as a revision item and fees may apply. It's best to order your items as soon as possible to avoid such occurrences. 

 What about shipping costs?

Most of the companies we source furniture and decor from offer free shipping over $50.  In the event that shipping will be charged on an order it is your choice to either pay for the shipping or ask us to replace that particular item with another item.  Please note that if you choose to replace the item, it will be counted as a revision item and therefore fees may apply. We do our best to stay enough inside your budget that shipping costs do not become an issue.