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Hi there!  Welcome to Goldmine. I'm excited about launching my new blog as it will help me share some of the valuable information I’ve gained over the years. Hopefully, through sharing helpful design tips, cool interior decorating ideas and keeping up to date on style and colour trends I can become more acquainted with you. I believe that relationship building is so important for success and I hope that by providing you with material that is relevant to you, you’ll become a regular visitor of Goldmine and Orangetree Interiors. Join the Design Tribe to stay up to date.

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Appropriately named, my Goldmine blog will provide you with a goldmine of insightful information that will help you through your journey to create a home you love or evolve a home that you’re already passionate about. Over time, styles change, tastes change and needs change so it only makes sense that what you love about your home today may change in the years to come. My goal is to continually help you find ways to love your home "every" day. And, although I sell design services, my passion is actually to help as many people as possible love where they live because with happiness comes peace, and couldn’t the world use a little more of it these days?

Here's what you can look forward to in Goldmine:

  • Interior decorating tips that will help you save time and/or money.  Today more than ever, time is precious.  So many of us are so time poor that fun projects and activities often get cast aside. Equally frustrating, it seems that everything is increasing in price, but our wages aren’t rising to match up with inflated costs.  I'm here to help. I’ll do the research for you and provide professional design tips and tricks so that you can save your valuable time and money for the things you love.
  • Cool ideas for not-so-easy to design spaces or just cool ideas in general.  Sometimes a nifty idea can make a world of difference in a space. I'll share cool ideas that we’ve come across throughout our careers that may provide the added oomph your home needs to deliver more character, style or space.
  • Colour and design trends that will help you keep your space current. Interior design is ever evolving. It takes influences from cultures around the globe, as well as climate and our economic state.  As styles and colour trends change, we’ll keep you informed so that your design choices stay current.

  • I'll let you know about any Orangetree Interiors promotions, events or company info. This is pretty self-explanatory; basically I’ll let you know if I'm having a sale, attending a tradeshow or update you on any changes to our site or our service offerings.
  • I also want to this blog to be as informative as possible so please submit your interior decorating questions.  Each week I’ll select from the pool of questions to post answers from our professional perspective that will help you and other readers reach their decorating goals. Please note that I’ll do our best to address all questions, but depending on schedules I may not get to every single one in a week’s timeframe.

I hope you’re as excited as me to get this conversation going.  Thank you for visiting and contributing. I'm grateful for your comments and questions as they will help us to serve you better. Until next time…happy decorating!

Join the Interior Design Tribe


Interior Decorator Val Malnar
Interior Decorator Val Malnar

Val Malnar
Principal Designer | Orangetree Interiors

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