2020 Colour of the Year! + The Best Paint Finishes for Your Home

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Can you believe it’s almost February already?  Before you know it, Spring will be here and reno season will be underway.  So I thought to prepare you, I’d give you six whole home paint colour palettes featuring Sherwin-Williams' and Benjamin Moore's  2020 Colour of the Year ....AND let you know what the best paint finishes are for your home and where you should use them.

 Best Paint Finishes for Your Home 2020


To help me out, I'll be interviewing Tyrone Debrouwer of WOW 1 Day Painting.  Tyrone's team painted my home last year and I was super impressed with the results, so I've invited him to talk about the most common paint finishes for your home and which ones to use where. More on 2020's paint colour of the year in a moment (see below).

Watch this video if you'd like to know the best paint finishes for your home.
P.S. Watch until the end for some funny bloopers :)


Best Paint Finishes for Your Home


No time for video? Download the Perfect Paint Colour Checklist & Coordinating Paint Colours Guide (now including information on paint finishes / sheens so that you have everything you need for your home painting project).  And if you'd rather hire a painter to help you with your project, contact WOW 1 Day Painting at 1-888-WOW-1DAY.  


Now for the 2020 Colour of the Year!  Since Sherwin-Williams & Benjamin Moore are two of my favourite paint companies, I'll be referencing each company's colour of the year below along with three whole home paint palettes for both.  Feel free to use these throughout your home or check out my Online Paint Consult service if you'd like me to create a personalized paint scheme for your home. 


And now, without further ado.....Sherwin-Williams' 2020 Colour of the Year is Naval


Naval brings navy out of its comfort zone to usher in an empowering new year and fresh decade of change. This deep shade evokes a prominent sense of confidence that fuses timeless colour with a fresh mix of natural materials and textures that bring navy blue into a new era (Sherwin-Williams).


I personally LOVE this colour and was so happy to see it as this year's colour of the year.  Here are a few whole home paint colour palettes I put together featuring Naval.


 [Pin it for Later]2020 Colour of the Year Naval by Sherwin Williams




 [Pin it for Later]
2020 Colour of the Year Naval by Sherwin Williams



 [Pin it for Later]2020 Colour of the Year Naval by Sherwin Williams



Alrighty, now that we have a handle on Naval, let's check out Benjamin Moore.  Benjamin Moore's 2020 Colour of the Year is First Light.


First Light is a soft, rosy hue blooming with potential. Benjamin Moore calls it the backdrop for a bright new decade. A modern paint colour that combines optimism with understatement (Benjamin Moore).


Check out these whole home paint schemes I created featuring this beautiful colour below.

 [Pin it for Later]2020 Colour of the Year First Light by Benjamin Moore


 [Pin it for Later]
2020 Colour of the Year First Light by Benjamin Moore

 [Pin it for Later]
2020 Colour of the Year First Light by Benjamin Moore

There you have it! Six paint colour schemes to use throughout your entire home featuring the 2020 colour of the year, plus information on which paint finishes / sheens to use for walls, ceilings, doors, trim, etc.  I hope you found this useful. Let me know which paint palette is your favourite by commenting below.


If you'd like more insight on choosing the right paint and paint colours for your home, get the Perfect Paint Colour Checklist & Coordinating Paint Colours Guide or contact me for an Online Paint Consult. 

Perfect Paint Colour Checklist & Coordinating Paint Colours Guide

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That's all I've got for now.  I wish you all the best with painting your home!






Val Malnar
Principal Designer | Orangetree Interiors

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  • I recently had the cabinets in my home repainted by a local wood refinishing company and they did a great job, but the white color I chose didn’t quite go with the walls or the decor of the room. Rather than getting the cabinets refinished again, I decided to repaint the walls in my home with Sherwin Williams’s Snowfall. I never would have picked this color if it weren’t for this post because there are so many options for gray paint, but this was the perfect color for my kitchen and I’m happy with the results!

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  • Really nice, Val. Great information & examples. Thanks! -Laura

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