Top 10 Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2023

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Interior design trends are always changing – that’s how we keep things interesting, right? 2023 is no different.  Some of last year’s trends are still lingering alongside some newer ideas that are sure to make a beautiful impact in home interiors in 2023.

So without further aideu, here are 10 Interior Design Trends to watch out for in 2023.

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2023 Interior Design Trends


I think the most important trend to take note of in 2023 (for me anyway) is wellness-focused design. The last few years have been hard on many people who either suffered from illness, the loss of loved ones, were forced out of a job or business, etc. The stress of these situations has taken a toll on so many people that it makes perfect sense that we do what we can in interiors to help with the well-being of families.  Wellness design takes an approach of improving the overall health and well-being of the people that live in a home.

From ensuring adequate lighting to incorporating sustainable materials to utilizing plenty of plants to warranting proper acoustics and designating an area for quiet reflection, etc. wellness-focused design embodies comfortability so that families can function in the most optimal way.

 2023 interior design trend - wellnessSource

Piggybacking on wellness design is incorporating the use of sustainable materials and furnishings. Sustainable resources are resources that replenish in the same about of time that they are diminished. FSC certified wood and/or organic materials such as wood, wool and natural stone are some examples. When sustainable isn’t an option, opt to select products that are toxin free or at least have very few toxins such as Benjamin Moore’s Natura paint line with low VOCs.  You can also look out for formaldehyde-free plywood, low emission grout and caulking, as well as recycled steel or reclaimed wood or for accents and furniture.


living room - sustainable furniture and decorSource


Light and mid-tone wood unsaturated stain colours have been extremely over the last few years. Although I personally LOVE mid-tone wood, you can expect to see warmer, richer and darker wood tones as a 2023 interior design trend. Perhaps this is to help with the comfortability factor. Warm tones always help a space feel more inviting. 

open concept living roomSource


While I believe neutrals will never go out of style, 2023 embraces colour a little more than what we’ve seen in recent years. You’ll see some designers use rich, bold colours in their designs when given the opportunity, but most homeowners aren’t comfortable with that intensity of colour. As a result, expect to see more designers dabbling with muted versions of colours that are inspired by nature like in the case of this beautiful room that showcases Farrow & Ball’s Light Blue paint colour.

transitional living room


For homeowners that are adventurous but not necessarily brave enough to welcome bold colours into their home, you’ll see designers use dark and moody paint colours instead. Look how gorgeous Benjamin Moore’s Cheating Heart looks with the lighter accents and warm wood tones in this stunning dining room.

dark and moody dining roomSource

For decades we’ve seen white ceilings and trim that contrasts the wall colour, but the 2023 trend is to use a uniform colour from trim to ceiling. One of my favourite designers, Shea McGee, has been doing this for years with whites and light neutrals, but here’s an example of her using a consistent colour from trim to ceiling in a home office. Putting the colour on the ceiling really cozies up the space.  

dark gray office


Gold has been making an appearance for years and it’s here to stay in 2023. Expect to see more of it in furniture, lighting, cabinet hardware and decorative accents.

bathroom with gold accentsSource

Designers are trying to modernize “traditional” design. Traditional used to mean matchy-matchy furniture sets, cabriole legs and showy chandeliers. However the 2023 interior design trend for traditional interiors is to integrate the old with the new.  You’ll see decorator’s doing this via pairing vintage inspired mirrors or art, rug and textile patterns and accent furniture with newer furniture pieces and décor like in this beautifully calming bedroom design.

transitional primary bedroomSource

As I mentioned earlier, wellness is key in 2023. Furniture and structural elements that are curved are said to give off a more relaxing, calming and welcoming feel due to the softness of their edges and organic appearance. You can expect to see curved elements in windows, doors, arches, countertops, lighting, furniture and décor details.

green modern kitchenSource


Since working at home has become so commonplace people are using their homes more and more every day. This utilization of every square inch of each space has shown homeowners the areas of their home that work and the areas that need improvement. It has also identified a need for more storage.  And since popular places for stowing away extra items are laundry rooms or mudrooms, it makes sense that homeowners are investing in making these spaces more functional.  Not only that, but many people enter their home through their laundry or mudroom making it the first impression they have when they walk in the door and for that reason they want these spaces to be beautiful.  Expect to see more designer laundry rooms and mudrooms in 2023.

coastal laundry room and mudroomSource


Well folks, I hope these 2023 interior design trends give you some inspiration for your home decorating projects. If you’d like help decorating the rooms in your home we'd love to help you.  Check out our virtual interior design services.


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