7 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Patio for Summer [2021]

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Hey y’all! Summer is officially here. Whoo hoo!  This is my absolute favourite time of year!  The sunshine, the beach, the bbq’s with friends – what’s not to love?

In spirit of this amazing time of year and the weekend upon us, I thought I’d send some tips on how to make get your patio, deck, backyard or balcony ready for summer.  Here are 7 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Patio for Summer.


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Use outdoor pillows to add comfort  in your seating areas.  Not only will they add comfort, but they will also add colour and texture to your design giving it more depth and dimension.

 Patio with Outdoor Pillows


Outdoor Pillows

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If you’re anything like me, afternoon bbqs can turn into evening campfires.  It’s important to add lighting to your patio, deck or backyard space so that you and your guests can navigate their way around with ease.  You can add lighting via string lights, lanterns, candles, torches, etc to light pathways and create ambiance in your backyard space.

Patio Lighting



When decorating your patio or backyard space, it’s important to think about the zones you want to create.  Maybe you want a table area for eating, a seating area for conversation and a separate area for kids to play.  One way to help define the zones in your outdoor space is to add outdoor rugs.  When placed under furniture, outdoor rugs can help to make furniture groupings feel connected and define a specific area….and they will make your patio all the more beautiful and colourful.

Outdoor Rug Patio Decor


Outdoor Rugs

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Summer days can get pretty hot.  Be prepared for the heat with icy cold drinks. Deck out your patio with a stylish cooler cart to chill your favourite beverages.

Cooler Cart for Patio


I’m a huge fan of plants.  Not only do they bring life to a space, but they also add charm and character.  When scanning your backyard patio look for blank spaces that feel like gaps.  Decorate those gaps with your favorite outdoor plants or flowers…and don’t forget to dress ‘em up with a gorgeous planter.

Outdoor Planters Patio Decor by Pure Salt Interiors



Ok this one isn’t really about decorating, but it can really level things up when you’re entertaining outdoors. Make sure to have some outdoor games on hand when friends and family are over.  They’re a great way to spur conversation and have some laughs.

Outdoor Games Ladder Ball & Bean Bag Toss



Well if  you’ve taken my advice above, you’re going to need some storage for pillows and games when not in use. Make sure to include baskets in your patio décor.  They’ll add beautiful texture to your space while also being super practical. 

Patio Decor by Jillian Harris



To help inspire you, I’ve included a few ideas to decorate your patio for summer below. 


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Blue Patio Decor 2021

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Neutral Patio Decor 2021

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Patio Furniture & Decor

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I hope this helps you make decorate the perfect patio for summer.  Wishing you a restful summer season filled with laughter and happy memories!


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Decorating Your Patio for Summer


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