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After releasing the announcement about our new online shop last month with all of our favourite furniture and decor, our team has been eager to see how people will use these items in their homes.  Share them in your Instagram stories and tag us @orangetree_interiors_ . We want to see your home designs!


Psst… we've posted NEW decor items and furniture in the shop since our initial release so make you you check them out here!

If you've been keeping up with us here at Orangetree Interiors, you'd know that we've been going through so many new, exciting changes…...

We hosted our first ever giveaway last week which was a huge success.  We hope to do more in the future!  Join our Design Tribe to be notified of future

In May we announced that we have grown our team and introduced you to the new designers here at OTI; they're total rockstars! 

We want you to get to know them better so here's a deeper dive to show you more about each designer's style and showcase their amazing interior decorating and virtual interior design skills.

Today we're showing you how each member here at Orangetree Interiors would style an interior using the items from our furniture and decor shop to demonstrate their unique decorating style. 


Brooke Visco-  Certified Interior Decorator & eDesigner

"My personal style honestly changes on a daily basis. But I’m most drawn to contemporary pieces that have an eclectic, rustic, or coastal, vibe. I like mixing lots of textures, finishes and shapes together to create something that is interesting.  I also like to keep the colours very neutral various materials in my designs to create depth and dimension.

The living room concept I've created below is light and airy and definitely pulls more from the coastal style. When doing a coastal design I like to add contrast by having some black in the space. Again, I put less emphasis on colour and focus more on adding texture and shape to a design. For instance, let’s talk about this table lamp for a sec -  I could have added a simple white lamp, but instead I chose one with a unique shape that has a fun raised polka dot detail on it.  It adds interest to the space while keeping the colour palette calm and neutral.  And lastly, I always love to include some greenery in every space because it adds life and just the right amount of colour.


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Contemporary Living Room

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In the dining room I put together I love the texture of the cane-backed chairs and the unique shapes on the doors of the sideboard. I also mixed metals in the decor and the lighting for added interest. This space is a bit moody which I love for a dining area because it makes it feel more cozy and sophisticated.

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Contemporary Dining Room

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When I was putting together this bedroom design I really noticed I had a more specific style than I thought LOL. I offset the whites and creams with black accents. I added a really unique bench that had texture and an art piece with lots of dimension. I love how this space came together."


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Contemporary Master Bedroom

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To order virtual interior design services with Brooke Visco, use the code brookeOTI for 10% off at the checkout.  To learn more about Brooke read our Meet the Team post here.


Alyssa Wright -  Certified Interior Decorator & eDesigner

"My personal style is a jumble of styles all rolled into one.  I feel each style compliments each other nicely and works together to create a welcoming, neutral and grounded space.  My style can be defined by a mixture of classic contemporary and rustic with influences of coastal and modern mediterranean elements. Essentially, I love the look of streamlined shapes in furniture with plenty of texture and character. My favourite elements in a space are linens, stone, vintage ceramics and pottery with a touch of natural woods and greenery!


In the living room that I put together using some of my favourite items from our shop, I was heavily influenced by Restoration Hardware and the luxe, neutral, earthy feeling that their company remains true to. I used a neutral colour palette and used contemporary shapes with the sofa, sideboard (which could be used as a media console), light fixture and side table. I love the coffee table as it brings in a rustic and reclaimed element to the space and contrasts the dark colours in the rest of the space! Also, the faux olive tree is one of my favourite elements because it brings in colour and an earthy element!

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Rustic Contemporary Living Room

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The dining room design I created has a more formal feeling -  although it still feels inviting. I love the chairs that I chose for this space since they have a more classic feeling to them. I feel they contrast nicely with the more rustic, casual feel of the table, area rug, and sideboard. I also added pops of dark metals to complement the dark table in the light fixture and decor pieces. To finish it off I added a large centerpiece bowl on the table with the moss balls which add a natural element uniquely!


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Rustic Contemporary Dining Room

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Continuing with a neutral and airy feel, the bedroom I created is just that. I used very muted tones in this space and mixed and matched the wood in the dresser, nightstand, and bed to create more visual interest. I kept the decor in this space minimal, but intentionally matched them to the dresser hardware and chose decor elements that replicated the dark tones. The art helps elevate the space while keeping the neutral, calming feeling."


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Rustic Contemporary Bedroom

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To order virtual interior design services with Alyssa Wright, use the code alyssaOTI for 10% off at the checkout. To learn more about Alyssa read our Meet the Team post here.


Irah Acaban-  Certified Interior Decorator & eDesigner

"The Midcentury Modern design style is all about clean, sleek lines (organic/geometric forms), contrasting materials, and subtle mixtures of patterns and textures. Some characteristics of Scandinavian design are minimalist aesthetics, wood furniture, wood accents, and statement lighting, which I've included in my living room design concept.


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Midcentury Modern Living Room

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The midcentury modern elements I chose for this dining room design include a vintage rug and a sleek, dark-tinted sideboard with botanical line drawing art to be placed above. I also chose a clean-lined wood dining table and an upholstered cane dining chair to coordinate the dark finishes. Lastly, I selected a linear pendant above the dining table to create balance and enhance the modern design.

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Midcentury Modern Dining Room

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The bedroom I chose to design is a mix of mid-century modern and scandinavian styles. I used natural linen material for the bedding and a mix of patterns and textures to create depth within the design. Keeping in line with Scandinavian design, I went with a lighter wood tone nightstand and a minimalistic pendant with a small wooden accent to create repetition in the space and thus make it cohesive. Lastly, the dark-stained wooden chest drawer not only added interest to the space but also contrasted well with the other pieces."

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Midcentury Modern Master Bedroom

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To order virtual interior design services with Irah Acaban, use the code irahOTI for 10% off at the checkout. To learn more about Irah read our Meet the Team post here.


Val Malnar-  Certified Interior Decorator & Principle eDesigner

"I always say my style is Contemporary Coastal with a hint of Farmhouse.  I love coastal colours along with the laid back, relaxed vibe.   I also love clean lines and favour a minimalist approach to design that feels cozy and comfortable which is why you’ll often see contemporary and farmhouse elements in the designs I create. 

This Contemporary Coastal living room embodies my favourite way to decorate a space.  A strong focus on comfort is demonstrated by the oversized sofa in an easy to clean crypton fabric and lots of pillows to cuddle/lounge with. I’ve also used warm wood toned tables and decor to bring coziness to the design and a muted, neutral colour palette with blue accents to emulate the colours you’d see at the beach on a hot, sunny day.

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Contemporary Coastal Living Room

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This Contemporary Coastal dining room focuses on texture and finishes.  Light wood tones, rope-backed chairs and cane details are the essence of this coastal design. While the smooth finishes of an antique brass chandelier, limestone bowl and glass vase bring a bit of modernism for a more contemporary feel.  And for a little bit of life and farmhouse comfort, an art print of a misty forest and added greenery complete the space.


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Contemporary Coastal Dining Room

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Admittedly, this Coastal Contemporary bedroom doesn’t include the “hint  of Farmhouse” I typically like to use in my designs, but I love it just the same.  I’ve used a sandy colour palette with a hint of blue and added rattan lamps and beach art to keep up with the coastal vibe.”


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Contemporary Coastal Bedroom

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To learn more about Val Malnar read our Meet the Team post here.  Bookings for virtual interior design services can be made here.


We hope that these ‘Get the Look’ concept designs give you plenty of inspiration for your home. And don't worry if you become overwhelmed with indecision due to all the amazing choices. You can always contact us to help you. 

Our Virtual Interior Design Services are designed to help you as much or as little as you need.  Whatever your project, we'd love to help!.  Contact us here.


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Not sure if we're a fit?  Check out our portfolio here and testimonials here.


Or if you prefer DIY projects, check out our Online Interior Design Course.  It teaches the step-by-step process we use to execute beautiful home interiors so that you can design a designer home that will make you the envy for your friends and family.

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We hope that these concept designs helped you to get to know our virtual interior design team better and helped you better understand our styles! Visit the furniture and home decor shop to see/purchase any of the items used in these designs.

Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know us and our styles – now we’d love to get to know and help you.  Contact us if you have any questions about the project you'd like to get started.


We hope to hear from you soon!

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