How Does eDesign [Online Interior Design] Work?

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Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing well…no wait…hope you’re doing fantastic! In today’s blog I’m going to answer a question I have been asked time and time again; how can I design a space without actually seeing it in person?  Well, let me reveal all the nitty-gritty details on how online interior decorating works so that I can offer some reassurance to those who are nervous about the whole process.

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Before I dive in, let me tell you the three main reasons why you might want to consider choosing an online interior decorating service like Orangetree Interiors.  The top three reasons are;…wait for it…drumroll please….1) because online interior decorating saves time, 2) it's convenient and 3) it costs less than traditional interior decorating services. Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, it isn’t.  Let me tell you how it all works or watch this VIDEO.

First you decide you want to re-fresh or makeover your space, but you’re too busy to take on the project yourself so you contact a professional service like Orangetree Interiors to help you.

searching for interior designer online

I’ll ask you to complete our online Style Quiz and Lifestyle Questionnaire to help me understand your style preferences, gain some insight as to your needs for the space and get a feel for the personality your design should have in order to keep it feeling unique and personal.eDesign online interior design style quiz

online interior design style quiz

Next, you’ll take a few “before” shots of your current space and measure up your room so that you can send the dimensions and your photos to us via my online design center. Don’t let this scare you; it’s VERY easy to do. That said, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, I'm here to help and will happily walk you through the process step by step.

online interior design center

After receiving all of your project information and details, a professional interior decorator (me) will take the information gathered and use it to create concept board. The concept board is basically a collage of furnishings and décor that we believe will work well in your space based on the information provided. Nothing is set in stone and you are encouraged to let us know what you like or dislike about the concept design. This is one I did for the owner of Acre75. She LOVES the new home office I created for her on her modest budget. 

e-design concept board

Once I have a good feel what your desires are for the space, I’ll create a style board or 3D Rendering (if you choose) for you. The style board and 3D renderings provide a photo-realistic representation of how all the items will appear in your completed space.  If there’s anything you’re not loving, just let me know and I'll change out the items for alternatives you feel better about.


Then, when you have settled on final design, I’ll send you an interactive shopping list for all the items in your space (with access to all the retail information) so that you can purchase the items and have them delivered to your home.

online interior design shopping list
Lastly, your furniture and décor will arrive and you’ll put the design together and enjoy your new happy place. 

Pretty easy right? The best part – you can do this all from the comfort of your own home at times that are convenient for you.  There’s no need to take time off work, tidy the house or even get out of your jammies if you don’t want to.  Everything can be done online or over the phone for maximum time savings and convenience. And because I don’t have to come to you for multiple appointments, you don’t have to pay me for my visits and travel time so it saves you money.

Sound interesting?  Complete our Style Quiz to see if any of what I'm talking resonates with you or if you're really excited and want to get started, complete this Lifestyle Questionnaire

Have more questions? Want a FREE phone consultation? Contact me anytime.  I'm happy to help and want you to feel confident in your decision to work with me.

I hope this gives you some clarity about how online interior decorating really works and how it is a convenient alternative for busy people that value their time and money.  And, I hope you’ll contact me soon so that we can get working on creating your awesome new space together.

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Interior Decorator Val Malnar
Interior Decorator Val Malnar

Val Malnar
Principal Designer | Orangetree Interiors

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