8 Easy Tips to Decorate a Dining Table for the Holidays

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If you’re planning on hosting Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or anything else this holiday season, you’re going to want these Tips for Decorating a Dining Table for the Holidays in 2021. Today we’re sharing 8 easy tips AND giving you four tablescape styling ideas too!


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dining table decor tips for the holidays


TIP 1 | Choose a Colour Scheme
Tablescapes can be designed for pretty much any season or occasion.  One of the first things to establish before creating your table design is the theme or colour palette you want to use to create the desired mood.  We suggest sticking to 3-5 colours total.  Then you’ll want to choose serveware, textiles, decor and foliage that work within the colour scheme you’ve chosen. 

Christmas dining table decor

TIP 2 | Use Appropriate Scale
When it comes to decorating your dining table for the holidays, it's important to remember to decorate your table based on its size.  For example, larger tables need a larger scale focal point and smaller tables may need to be more minimalistic.  

Fall Table Decor


TIP 3 | Use the Rule of Three
When styling or decorating a dining table, use the rule of three. The rule of three suggests that a trio of objects is most pleasing to the eye.  When  adding your decor, pair items in three’s to make a more visually appealing tablescape.  (Eg. 3 candles, 3 trees, etc.)

christmas holiday dinner table decor


TIP4 | Use Contrast to Create Interest
This tip applies to any type of design you are working with really. And when decorating your dining table it’s no different.  Varying colours, shapes, textures and finishes creates contrast.  This contrast creates interest and ensures your tablescape has designer appeal. (Eg. If your tabletop is white or a neutral colour, use tabletop items that are bolder in colour like blue, green, red,or use dark contrasting neutrals and vice versa). 

holiday tablescape


TIP 5 | Incorporate Various Levels

Similar to the tip above, one of the best ways to create well-designed tablescape is to use objects of varying heights within the design.  Our brains get bored when everything is the same or equal.  By incorporating elements with varying heights, you create variety, interest, depth and dimension in your dining table decor.

thanksgiving dining table decor


Quick Tip: Be mindful of your guests.  Don’t create a tablescape that prevents guests from seeing each other from across the table. We recommend staying under 15”.


TIP 6 | Create a Focal Point
Just like in any room design, your holiday tablescape should include a focal point…..actually, we’d argue that your table decor IS the focal point for your dining room decor.  Consider using a centerpiece, candles, flowers, garland or a colourful charcuterie board to decorate your table this holiday season for a beautiful moment your guests will surely appreciate.  

 Halloween Table Decor


TIP 7 | Give Your Table Decor Life

Nothing livens up a table more than natural elements. Use flowers, foliage, fruit or vegetables in your tablescape to provide texture, colour and fragrance.  If live natural elements aren’t practical (eg. seasonal or allergies) then faux items can certainly be used to create an attractive centerpiece.  Experiment with using driftwood, branches, eucalyptus, wildflowers, leaves, acorns or pine cones in your arrangements to decorate your dining table for the holidays.

 holiday dining table ideas


Quick Tip: If using items from outside, make sure to clean them of bugs and dirt before placing them within your tablescape.  

neutral holiday tablescape


 TIP 8 | Create Ambience

Candles are one of our absolute favourite ways to create a mood. They truly make a tablescape glow while creating a cozy, comfortable vibe. Use metal, wood, ceramic or glass candle holders to compliment your table decor.

Quick Tip:  Don’t use scented candles for tablescapes centered around meals. The scents compete with natural food aromas and take away from rather than enhance the design.  

Dining Room table decor


So that’s it folks. You should be all set to decorate your dining table for the upcoming holiday season.
  Not sure how to get started?  Check out some styling ideas from our designers below.  


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table decor for the holidays

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holiday dining table decor 2021

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easy tips to decorate a dining table for the holidays

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