How to Make a Beautiful Bed in 5 Easy Steps

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A bed is more than just a place to sleep…it's where you relax, unwind with a good book, dream and rejuvenate yourself for the day ahead. So why not make it beautiful?

Making a beautiful bed is an art.  As someone who loves my bed (and is dreaming of a new bedroom set one day soon) I've been browsing bedding and it got me thinking that y'all might like some tips on how to make a beautiful bed.

Here are 5 Easy Steps for Styling a Bed Like a Pro…...


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how to decorate a bed like a pro


Sheets are the foundation of the bed-making process. Although they may not be seen as much as other parts of your bedding, it's important to choose sheets that are high-quality to make your nights rest as comfortable as possible. 

bed styling contemporary coastal


Begin by covering the mattress with a fitted sheet then place a flat sheet over the fitted sheet with the finished side facing the fitted sheet. The side with the large hem should be positioned at the  headboard. Make sure there is an equal amount of sheet on the left and right side of the bed. Make right-angle corners (aka nurses corners) at the foot of the bed and then tuck in the sheet in on the left, right and bottom of the bed.

Sheet sets for making a bed
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This step is optional as you may tend to get hot when you sleep or prefer your bedding to be more minimal. Although, I will say adding a quilt helps amplify the style factor of your bedding and adds that extra layer for coziness and comfort. 


bedding for a coastal cottage guest room


Next, place a quilt over the sheets. Make sure the top of the quilt is placed so that the sleeping pillows will not rest on top of it. Fold the flat sheet down over the quilt being careful not to allow the quilt to bunch. The pillows should lay flat without touching the quilt. 


Quilts for making a beautiful bed


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PRO TIP: You may need to tuck the top portion of the sheet in again to keep it looking as seamless as possible.

This is one of my favorite steps! Your duvet (or comforter if you prefer) is a major part of your bed. It creates the overall feel for your sleep while the cover provides an opportunity to play with texture, patterns and colour. I always recommend investing in your duvet or comforter to give you the most temperature control and thus maximizing comfort……plus it adds dimension and style for a more beautiful result.


Coastal Bedroom Bedding


Start by covering a duvet with a duvet cover of your choice. Place it evenly over the sheets and quilt so that both the left and right side of the bed have the same amount of overhang. Fold the covered duvet down so that it is in half. Then pull the top of the duvet back so that it's in thirds. The duvet should now lay flat on the bottom of the bed and also have a stacked portion that is halfway down the bed. The quilt will be revealed above the stacked portion of the duvet cover.


our favourite duvet covers for styling a bed


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This step adds function for the days when you just want something light to cover up with or an extra layer on colder days.  Throw blankets also add style and are a low cost, easy way to change up your space when you feel it’s time for an update. (the time where you can customize your bed to have whatever style, look, and feel.You can choose to add colour and pattern with your throw blanket, or you can keep it neutral with minimal colour and varying texture. This is your time to shine…



Beautiful neutral bedding



To add a throw blanket to your bed, fold the blanket in thirds and place it on top of the bottom half of the duvet cover. Tuck any excess blanket under the top portion of the duvet cover and fold if necessary.


our favourite throw blankets

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My absolute favourite part of making a beautiful bed is to add stylish pillows. Pillows are an excellent way of incorporating pattern, colour, and texture into a room and truly enhance the overall design. They add character to a space and help make connections with the other furniture and decor throughout the room.



Bedding for Contemporary Coastal Bedroom



Start by covering your sleeping pillows with pillowcases and place them flat at the head of the bed. Next cover two more sleeping pillows with shams and stack them on top of the first layer of pillows. Then place the decorative pillows facing forward in front of the stacked sleeping pillows. Lastly, place the lumbar pillow centered in front of the pillow arrangement. NOTE: Pillows should be arranged so that the largest pillows are at the back and the smallest pillows and lumbar pillow are in front.



Pillows for making a bed beautifully


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PRO TIP: Check out this post for full details on how to style pillows.

So that’s the gist.   These are my top 5 Easy Steps for Making a Beautiful Bed! I hope you found these tips helpful and I hope that styling your bed helps you to feel like you’re getting away for a restful retreat.  


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As always, thanks for reading and until next time, happy bed making. :)


 Val from Orangetree Interiors

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