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MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thanks for shopping buy!  Too cheesy?  Okay, but seriously, thanks for stopping by.  We're celebrating Christmas by helping you and your loved ones love your homes MORE in the new year. 
Use our MERRYBOGO2017 promotion code to purchase a Design & Decorate room makeover/e-design for you and a loved one, two separate loved ones or several loved ones - the choice is yours!  We're here to make the process as easy as possible. Choose from the following online interior design services.
Design & Decorate - Buy one, get one free!
Our Design & Decorate e-design service is recommended for people that want a space that is truly unique. With some input from you or your loved ones, we'll create a space that is fresh, functional and stylish.
Access to our Virtual Design Center
Direct Communication with a Designer
Concept Board
Floor Plan
Personalized Style Board
Interactive Shopping List
Design Tips/Setup Instructions

3D Rendering Buy one, get one free!
Our 3D Rendering e-design service is an add-on service that is ideal for clients that need a little extra help visualizing their completed space. Our 3D renderings provide a photo-realistic representation of the newly decorated space helping clients get a genuine sense of scale, proportion, furniture and decor placement.
Floor Plan and Elevation Drawings
3D Room Visualization 
Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Want a more in-depth interior decorating experience? Check our other e-design services or contact us to set up a free e-design consultation. 
Offer expires December 24, 2017.