Make $100+ as an Affiliate for the DIY Interior Design Course [2023]

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Do you love interior decorating and design?  Are your favourite places to shop furniture and home decor shops? Would you like to make $100+ on a regular basis helping people to create a beautiful home they love?  

If you answered yes to these questions, I'd like to invite you to become an affiliate for my DIY Interior Design Course.  It teaches my entire decorating process from start to finish using my easy step-by-step videos, checklists and guides. 

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Interior Decorating Course Affiliate


I grew up in a roach-infested two-bedroom apartment with cracks in the walls.  I was always embarrassed to bring people home to my house.  This led me to fantasizing about having a beautiful home that I would be proud to bring people home to.  Hence, my decision to become a Certified Interior Decorator. ;) 

BUT......not everyone wants to hire an Interior Decorator.  Some can't afford it and some people just prefer doing the work themselves.  I TOTALLY GET IT and that's why I created this course. 

I believe EVERYONE deserves to live in a beautiful home. 

If you've been following me for awhile, you'd know this is true because of all the free interior decorating and design content I publish on my blog.  However, my blog doesn't share every design detail, nor does it follow a specific structure, and that's where the DIY Interior Design Course comes in handy.

In this course I teach:

  • How to determine your unique design style and make it work with the styles of others in your home
  • How to create the "feeling" you want to experience when you're at home
  • How to make a design that is cohesive throughout
  • How to choose a home paint color scheme that flows
  • How to determine your decorating budget and stick to it
  • How to decorate open concept spaces
  • How to create a functional floor plan and select furniture that is the appropriate size for your home
  • How to style coffee tables, shelves, console tables, and more
  • How to hang art and create gallery walls
  • How to make a beautiful bed
  • How to light a room properly
  • How to mix and coordinate patterns so that all the textiles (furniture fabric, pillows, drapes, rugs, wallpaper, etc) enhance the beauty of your home.

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Interior Design Course Guides

    In addition to these modules, students also receive:

    • A list of 200+ of my favorite retailers in the USA and Canada with descriptions of what they sell, their style and budget-friendliness
    • Links to my favorite furniture & decor for inspiration
    • A Smart Shopping Guide
    • A trade discount for paint (USA & Canada only)

    By the end of this course, students have the knowledge and confidence they need to design a space that not only looks great but also functions well for their lifestyle.

    Here are a few transformations to demonstrate what can be created.


    Contemporary Coastal Primary Bedroom

    Coastal Bedroom

    Transitional Living Room

    Transitional Living Room

    Transitional Home Office

    Transitional Office

    Contemporary Coastal Dining Room

    Contemporary Coastal Dining Room

    Girls Bedroom

    Big Girls Blue Bedroom

    Contemporary Entry

    Contemporary Entry

    Transitional Bedroom

    Transitional Bedroom

    Coastal Farmhouse Great Room

    Coastal Farmhouse Great Room

    Would you feel good about helping people create these kinds of transformations in their homes? If so, I'd love for you to become an affiliate for the course. 

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    In exchange for your referrals, you'll receive an affiliate commission of $100 CAD per enrollment. The only caveat is that you must take the course first so that you can verify its quality and can confidently recommend it to people as a great program.  Once 10 students have enrolled with your affiliate code, you will be reimbursed your course fee.  Sound good?  If so, sign up to become an affiliate and click this link to enroll in the course.  (Use coupon code AFFILIATE50 to receive $50 off the course until April 3, 2023). 

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    Not quite sure yet?  Here's what previous students have said about the course. 

    interior design testimonial interior design testimonial
    interior design testimonial interior design testimonial

    Still not sure, feel free to contact me with any questions you have; I'm happy to answer them.

    If you're someone who shares my passion for interior design and wants to help others achieve their decorating goals, sign up to become an affiliate here and click this link to enroll in the course today.  (Use coupon code AFFILIATE50 to receive $50 off the course until April 3, 2023). 

    Partner today and start earning commissions on every enrollment!

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    Become an Interior Design Influencer


    Oh and are you part of our Design Tribe?  We send interior decorating tips regularly, along with exclusive offers.  We'd love for you to join our community. 


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    And if you're not into taking courses or making extra cash as an affiliate partner, but you'd like help creating YOUR beautiful home interior, we'd LOVE to help you. Check out our virtual interior design services to learn more.


    Virtual interior design services


    To view some of our  projects and learn how clients felt about the services we offer visit our portfolio here and testimonials here.

    Searching for paint colours?  Click here to get 20 expertly curated paint colour schemes.

    paint colour schemes for home 2022


    Lastly, if you’d like to see more of my favourite home decor and furniture, make sure you visit the  furniture and home decor shop to see some of my favourite pieces to incorporate into your home interior.


    furniture and decor shop


    Hope to work with you soon,


    Certified Interior Decorator, eDesigner & Founder
    Orangetree Interiors

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    P.S.  Painting your house any time soon?  Get our FREE Perfect Paint Colour Checklist & Coordinating Paint Colours Guide!


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