The Best White Paint Colours For Your Home in 2022

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At Orangetree Interiors, by far the most commonly asked question we get asked through our DMs is “What’s the best paint colour for my home?”  Picking the right colour for a room can be an intimidating task for many. Paint takes up such a large surface in your home, you definitely want to get it right.  To help with this task, in the past we’ve tackled How to Pick the Perfect Paint Colour, How to Choose Paint Colours for Your Whole House and Our Top 5 Greige Paint Colours to name just a few, but we have yet to unveil our favourite white paint colours. So today we're doing just that. 

Today we’re talking about the Top 10 Best White Paint Colours for Your Home in 2022.


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the best white paint colors 2022

White paint colours have a high LRV (light reflectance value) which means they reflect a lot of light and therefore the appearance of the colour can change depending on the time of day and the amount of natural and artificial lighting in your home. Because of this, choosing white paint colours is a little more complicated than it should be.  In addition, white paint colours often have undertones that can add to the nervousness some people experience when choosing the right white for their home. 

We're going to try to make this a little easier for folks by sharing our favourite white paint colours to design with and why we love them so much. 



Chantilly Lace | OC-65 | Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace is a crisp, bright white with a subtle hint of blue in its undertone.  It's perfect as a wall colour in coastal-inspired interiors or as a cabinetry, trim and door colour in almost any home.  Out of all our favourite white paint colours, Chantilly Lace is the white paint colour we use most often in our designs. 


white kitchen with chantilly lace by benjamin moore chantilly lace benjamin moore paint

Source | Cabinetry Colour


White Dove | OC-17 | Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's White Dove is a classic off-white for those who want to add a little warmth into their space without the overpowering warm undertones. When paired with other colours, its soft yellowish undertone offers a beautiful contrast and a cozy, comforting vibe.


coastal bedroom benjamin moore white dove paint

 Source | Cabinetry Colour


Oxford White | CC-30 | Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's Oxford White is a muted white that isn't warm or cool and isn't bright or subdued.  It's a simple white that's a great option for folks that prefer a white that doesn't stand out. Use Oxford White as a wall colour or on trim, doors and cabinetry.


white kitchen with grey island oxford white paint benjamin moore

Source | Cabinetry Colour


White Heron | OC-57 | Benjamin Moore

Similar to Oxford White, Benjamin Moore's White Heron is a white that let's other paint colours take center stage.  White Heron is a bit brighter than Oxford White and its undertone is just a hint warmer.  White Heron is a very versatile white that can be used on walls, cabinetry, doors and trim. 


white kitchen white heron benjamin moore paint

Source | Wall and Cabinetry Colour


Cloud White | CC-40 | Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's Cloud White is a classic, warm white paint colour that is extremely popular among homeowners.  Cloud White is light and bright with a hint of yellow in its undertone which makes it feel warm and inviting.  We recommend Cloud White for trim, doors and cabinetry.



cloud white by benjamin moore cloud white paint colour benjamin moore

Source | Cabinetry Colour 


High Reflective White | SW2257 | Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams' High Reflective White is about one of the truest white paint colours you can get.  It has a bright and airy vibe and doesn't seem to pick up any notable undertones making it super versatile.  High Reflective White is great for any area of the home and is our second most often recommended white paint colour here at Orangetree Interiors.



Charcoal bathroom vanity in bathroom sherwin williams high reflective white paint color

 Source | Door and Trim Colour 


Alabaster | SW7008 | Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams' Alabaster is a soft, warm white. Unlike Chantilly Lace and High Reflective White, Alabaster is not a bright white, but rather a light, cozy white.  It's great in any area of the home, but at Orangetree Interiors we find we typically recommend it for cabinetry when a countertop or backsplash has yellow or beige undertones in it because the paint colour pairs so well with warmer tones.  


neutral white powder room sherwin williams alabaster paint

Source | Wall Colour


Pure White | SW7005 | Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams' Pure White is a light white paint colour that is subdued rather than bright.  Pure White has a soft, grey undertone and therefore works really well with wood, tile or stone that has cooler undertones.  We recommend Pure White for trim, doors and cabinetry. 


pure white paint color pure white sherin williams paint color

Source | Wall Colour


Snowbound | SW7004 | Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams' Snowbound is the perfect white with a neutral grey undertone, making it a perfect go-to for contemporary interiors. This colour gives the appearance of a true white but its slight grey undertone gives the colour more dimension.  


minimal neutral entry way Sherwin williams Snowbound

Source | Wall Colour


Greek Villa | SW7551 | Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams' Greek Villa is a bright and gently warm white that is a classic for home interiors.  We recommend Greek Villa for walls, cabinetry, trim and doors. 

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams greek villa sherwin williams
Source | Wall Colour


And there you have it; our the Top 10 best white paint colours for your home according to Orangetree Interiors. We hope you can use this article as a guide and inspiration to help you pick the right whites for your home. If you’d be interested in hearing about some of our other favourite paint colours, let us know in the comments.  And if you’re still nervous to select the best white paint colour for your home, check out our Virtual Paint Consult service; we’d love to help you!


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best white paint colors by sherwin williams and benjamin moore


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Thanks so much for reading and happy painting! 

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