Interior Design Style Boards & 3D Renderings

Contemporary Coastal Living Room 3D Rendering

This concept design was developed for clients that wanted to brighten their dark wood filled home. Although their home was in great condition, the dark wood tones in the flooring and cabinetry made the space feel heavy.  The clients expressed a love for coastal inspired interiors so we incorporated a bright, light colour palette and paired it with some heavier textures to stay in keeping with the climate here in Canada. This living room design was a full overhaul that was super fun to work on.  To see how to design came to life, check out our Interior Design Concept Boards page.  
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Contemporary Coastal Bedroom 3D Rendering

This cozy bedroom concept design was created for two physicians.  With a Contemporary Coastal aesthetic, these busy practitioners wanted a bedroom that they could retreat to that would help them relax and rejuvenate after a stressful day of work. Since the homeowners wanted to keep their existing furniture that was in great condition, we focused on keeping all the decor, textiles artwork light and bright in order to achieve the coastal vibe. To see how to design came to life, check out our Interior Design Concept Boards page.   

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Transitional Farmhouse Living Room 3D Rendering

 This family-friendly basement concept design was created for a family with three young kids. The homeowners wanted a place the whole family could enjoy together that was practical for the kids, but was adult enough for entertaining on game nights and family gatherings. Performance fabrics, rustic furnishings, toy storage and swivel chairs make this functional space for all to enjoy. To see how to design came to life, check out our Interior Design Concept Boards page. 

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Transitional Basement Games Room 3D Rendering

This basement concept was designed for a family that loves gaming. Whether playing games or watching them, these homeowners wanted a space their close-knit family could spend their off time enjoying their favourite activities with their favourite people. To see how design was developed, check out our Interior Design Concept Boards page.  

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