How to Entertain While Staying Healthy [with Special Guest Juliana Leamen]

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NOTE: This post is a little different than my usual interior decorating posts, but it is related in that it provides healthy tips for entertaining at home +  it includes 5 tips to ensure your home looks and feels good for guests when you're hosting.


If you know me, you know that I LOVE to have fun!  If you don’t know me – well, now you know me a little bit better and you’re about to get to know me even more.

I've struggled with my weight my whole life. Mostly up, but sometimes down. I’ve tried Weight Watchers, The Zone, Beverly Hills Weight Management, Herbal Magic, paleo, low-carb diets, low-fat diets, exercising 2 hours a day/6 days a week, etc. – you name it, I’ve tried it.  


I think the reason I’ve been so up and down is because I equate being healthy with not having any fun.  I’m either on a diet, working out and staying healthy,  BUT stuck at home avoiding temptation....


I’m “off the wagon” and having fun! - Guess which one I enjoy more? :)

Kidding aside……I "want" to be healthier, but I am simply unwilling to give up fun and that's what inspired today’s blog post: How to Entertain While Staying Healthy [with Special Guest Juliana Leamen].


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For the last little while I’ve been working with Juliana Leamen, MSc, BFRP, FDN of Naturally Joyous Inc. 

Juliana helps women live lives that support their inner values, while enjoying vibrant health by offering a functional approach that combines studying their body’s DNA and then using the information to create a health strategy that honors each client's core values. She's truly AMAZING!


After completing my functional DNA testing with Juliana, I uncovered my body's unique needs. Juliana was able to help strategize a healthy eating plan that combined my need for fun with my desire to improve my health.  Because of this, I asked her to help me with today’s post.  

Today Juliana is sharing her favorite (secretly healthy) entertaining foods to enjoy with healthier versions of my favorite drink for entertaining – wine! in an eBook she created just for us to enjoy: Your Healthy Guide to Charcuterie & Wine.

In the book Juliana shares:

  • Her favorite (secretly healthy) foods for entertaining
  • Tips on how to create a beautiful crudités board
  • Tips on how to build a "healthier" meat board
  • Recipes for two AWESOME healthy dips
  • Label reading tips
  • Recommendations for "clean" snack foods
  • How to make the best choices when selecting wine
  • How to read wine labels
  • Wine recommendations
  • Her philosophy on how to maintain a lifestyle of eating healthy while still having fun

  • Get Juliana's comprehensive eBook here.


    You guys - if you care about your health and you like to have fun, you NEED this book.  Since working with Juliana I have more energy, feel clearer minded, have dropped a few pounds and I don't feel hungry and I'm not giving up my wine nights - in fact, I'm hosting one tonight! 

    Okay so now that you know what to serve, but how do you make your home look and feel good for your guests?  

    Here are 5 Tips to Keep Your Healthy Entertaining a Success: 

    Consider your guest list to accommodate all attendees comfortably.  For a larger gathering, you may need to set up multiple seating and snacking areas in various areas of your home to accommodate everyone. 


    Set the tone with a cohesive theme and color scheme. Stick to 3-5 colors for a harmonious look and get creative with versatile serveware and pops of color through linens and decor.


    Add dimension to your space with the sparkle and glow of reflective finishes, glassware, serveware and candles.

    Tip: Choose unscented candles to avoid competing with food aromas.



    Incorporate live or faux natural elements like flowers, foliage and branches for color, texture and to add beauty to your space while making it come to life. 


    5. ADD MUSIC
    This is arguably the best way to create a great event in my opinion (and I know it has nothing to do with health or interior design), but music just sets the vibe of a space SO well.  Decide on the type of event you want to have and then curate or find a playlist to match. This is by far the easiest, most affordable way to make your event a success. 

    For more in-depth decorating tips on entertaining, I invite you to check out:

    Tablescapes 101 | Tips for Setting a Perfect Table
    8 Easy Tips for Decorating a Table for the Holidays

    I hope you'll take both mine and Juliana's insights and use them when hosting your next event at home.  Our hope is that you'll create moments that are as good for the soul as they are for the body.

    If you'd like more information about the work I've been doing with Juliana, please reach out to mecontact Juliana or take her FREE training:  Breaking Down How To Release Stubborn Weight In Your 50s & 60s With Functional DNA Testing. 

    Thanks so much for reading.  I'll be back next time with some interior design related information for you to devour.  In the meantime, cheers to celebrating health, happiness and the joy of living fully! 


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