Paint Color Trends + a NEW Paint Color eBook for 2024

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Over the last couple of years, we have seen a shift in what people are desiring for their interior paint colors. These shifts reflect societal changes (such as a larger number of people working from home) and ever-evolving aesthetic preferences.


As a result, in today's post, I'm discussing the Paint Color Trends We're Seeing in 2024.....AND.....I'm releasing a NEW Paint Color Scheme eBook for 2024 that reflects these new trends. 

One significant trend is the growing popularity of nature-inspired colors. As people spend more time at home, there’s a heightened desire to bring the calming and rejuvenating qualities of the outdoors inside. Soft greens, earthy browns and warm terracotta shades have become go-to choices for creating serene and inviting spaces.

Green Office Paint Color Scheme 2024


Gone are the days when cool grays dominated the color charts. Warm neutrals like beige, taupe, and creamy whites are making a strong comeback. These shades add a sense of warmth and comfort to interiors, making them ideal for creating cozy and welcoming environments.

Warm Neutral Paint Color Scheme 2024


On the other end of the spectrum, bold and moody tones have gained traction. Deep blues, rich emeralds, and charcoal grays are being used to add drama and sophistication to living spaces. These colors are often employed as accent walls or in smaller rooms to create a sense of depth and intimacy.

Black Dining Room Paint Scheme


Pastels are no longer confined to children’s rooms. Soft pinks, muted lavenders, and pale yellows are being used throughout homes to add a touch of playfulness and lightness. These colors are perfect for creating a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere without overwhelming the space.

Pastel Bedroom Paint Color Scheme


Lastly, there’s a growing trend towards personalization and unique color combinations. Homeowners are increasingly experimenting with unconventional pairings to reflect their individual styles and preferences. This move towards personalization helps homeowners create a space that embodies who they are.

So to summarize, the trends in interior paint colors have evolved significantly in the last couple of years, moving towards more personalized, nature-inspired, and emotionally resonant choices. Whether it’s through the use of warm neutrals, bold tones, or playful pastels, the current trends offer something for every taste and style.

And to assist you with creating a cohesive paint color scheme for your home that is both on-trend and will have longevity, I have carefully curated 20 new paint color palettes for 2024.  

Each paint palette was intentionally designed based on feelings that you might want to experience when in your home (for example; calm, relaxing, warm, inviting, peaceful, tranquil, etc)

All 20 paint color schemes include six pre-selected colors from Benjamin Moore and/or Sherwin-WilliamsThe color palettes are designed so that each paint color coordinates with all of the other colors in the palette to ensure easy, stress-free color selection. You may choose to use all six colors throughout your home or just a few to create your desired aesthetic. 


The eBook also includes; a paint sheen guide, instructions on how to calculate how much paint you'll need, clickable paint color names & surfaces so you can easily order peel-and-stick samples directly to your home.  It also include hardwood, countertop and carpet swatches as color references to help you visualize how the paint color might look in your space.


Paint Color Scheme eBook Button

I had so much fun creating this eBook for you.  I hope you truly enjoy using these paint colors to create a vibe that feels comfortable to you.


If you prefer a custom paint colour selections, check out our Online Paint Consult Service. I’d be happy to help you.  

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Or get my FREE Perfect Paint Colour Checklist & Coordinating Paint Colours Guide here!


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Until next time, happy painting!


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