10 Smart Small Space Storage Solutions to Declutter Your Home

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Who here struggles with storage in their small space and can’t find room to store all of their belongings?  If this sounds like you, I’ve got the perfect storage solutions to help! 


Having a small space shouldn’t cause stress, but sometimes it does because small spaces tend to have a lack of storage and a lack of storage can lead to a cluttered space and a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind which can then lead to stress…..Ahhhhhh….holy run on sentence, but you get my point, right?

Here’s the good news….having a small space doesn’t mean that your home can’t be organized and tidy, it just means that you might need to get a little creative!


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Best small space storage solutions


So with that said, here are:

10 small space storage solutions you can use in your home to make it feel more organized and clutter-free.


When living in a small space you really have to think outside the box….. quite literally actually. :) Instead of just using the floor space that you have, look around to see all the vertical wall space. When you have a shortage of space, building storage vertically is very effective because it takes the clutter off the floor and utilizes the wall space as a secondary floor surface.


Open Shelf Best Storage Solutions



Wall mounted shelves are a small space’s best friend because they can go pretty much anywhere and come in so many different sizes. Shelves give you plenty of storage opportunities while taking advantage of space that may not have been used otherwise.


Wall Shelf Storage Solution



Hooks and coat racks are one of the easiest and most functional quick-fix storage solutions for everyday items. They are perfect for hanging the obvious items like coats and jackets of course, but they’re also great for storing items that typically end up on the floor or in some corner of your home. Use hooks for backpacks, purses, umbrellas, dog leashes, hats, keys, etc.


Best storage solutions entryway

 Coat Rack | Bench


PRO TIP: Use hooks and coat racks that are visually interesting and match the style of your home so they enhance your home decor rather than take away from it.


small space storage solutions

Mail Rack



Not only is floating furniture very sleek and contemporary, it’s also an amazing solution for interiors with little floorspace.


floating nightstand



Using furniture like floating desks, nightstands and media stands not only frees up floor space, but also helps to take up less visual space which results in a tidier overall appearance.


Floating Media Console

 Floating Media Stand


Small interiors tend to lack closet space which can make bedrooms and entryways particularly difficult to organize. Substitute the lack of closet space for multi-functional furniture that includes storage such as storage benches, dressers and clothing racks. Don’t be afraid to add open shelving and hooks where you can to provide more functional storage areas.  


small space storage solutions



When struggling with storage for small spaces, your instinct might be to shove all your “stuff” behind closed doors and call it a day. Although small spaces don’t always allow for this, having some items stored in plain view is necessary and can be quite visually appealing when done right. 

When storing items out in the open, try grouping items together by using decorative boxes, baskets, trays, jars and canisters, etc. By doing this, you not only corral small items into a safe place, but you also add beauty and interest to your home decor. 


shelf styling

Source | Basket


Storing things out in the open can be necessary when living in a small space, but not all items are pretty enough to be stored in a place that everyone can see. To keep your space looking tidy and clutter-free, use furniture with hidden storage for unsightly items.


entryway storage bench



Using furniture that doubles as storage is not only extremely functional, but it can also add to your home’s style/decor when done well.Storage ottoman



Moveable furniture is a life-saver for small interiors since it provides versatility and convenience….especially in kitchens.


moveable kitchen island

Moveable Island


Many small spaces lack storage in the kitchen which can be problematic for anyone that likes to eat at home….which, let’s face it, is most of us these days.  You need space to store food, prep space to prepare it and storage space for your cookware. 


If you’re running out of room for all the items in your kitchen, consider adding a cart, moveable island or movable counter. These are a great way to add an extension to your cabinetry by providing you with another counter surface, as well as shelves and drawers for additional storage.


kitchen cart counter

Kitchen Cart


PRO TIP: Choosing a cart or moveable island/counter that’s similar in color and size to your cabinetry will seamlessly blend in and feel like it belongs in the space.


When you’re limited in space, it’s important to get creative.  Try to think of areas you could use for storage that aren’t typical.  Door storage is a great example of this.  Take advantage of the space behind the doors of your pantry, your kitchen cabinets, your bathroom, etc.  Add hooks, caddies or door hangers for cookware, home supplies, shoes, and miscellaneous items.

Door storage is especially useful in closet spaces and laundry rooms and can help maximize these already small spaces. 


PRO TIP: In a rental or for short-term solutions, use stick-on hooks or over-the-door racks to stash supplies and accessories.


cabinet door storage

Cabinet Door Organizer


Buy stackable/collapsible shelves to organize the inside of kitchen or built-in cabinets. Often times there is too much space between shelves. Getting a simple, stackable shelf will provide more shelving so that space is better utilized.

Best under cabinet storage

Cabinet Storage Unit


Mirrors with a built-in medicine cabinet are another great small space storage solution  because they provide storage for daily essentials and they reflect light which makes a small space “feel” larger.


medicine cabinet

Medicine Cabinet


Well, there you have it; 10 Smart Small Space Storage Solutions to Declutter Your Home.  We hope you find these small space storage ideas helpful and use them to maximize your space!


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Small space storage solutions

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