4 Essential Tips for Creating a Beach Themed Space

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In the spirit of summer, we thought we’d write a blog post on how to create a space that allows you to enjoy that fun, sunshine lovin’ beach vibe every day. 

First, a bit of history; the coastal decorating style originally grew out of practicality. Homes set along the Atlantic coastline were laden with windows allowing ocean breezes to blow through bringing in the salty sea air. While the style originated on the beaches of America, it is now a popular style that can be seen almost anywhere. Its classic design combined with a casual, relaxed and inviting feel makes it an appealing style that anyone can enjoy.  Several variations of the style exist (Mediterranean, Tropical, Classic and Nautical) and while there are distinctions between each adaptation, the basics of the styles are very similar. The ultimate objective is to create a restful space that closely resembles the experience of being at the beach. Keep the following tips in mind when creating your beach themed space: 

Beach Style Interior Design ideas

Tip #1 - Keep it Light

Light is the most important factor when decorating within the coastal style.  When designing beach themed interiors, there is absolutely no substitute for natural light.  Keep window treatments simple, light and left open whenever possible to allow as much light into your space as possible.  Use light or sheer fabrics if choosing drapes, or opt for valances to least obstruct the amount of light entering your space.   

Tip #2 - Use Natural Materials

Natural and painted wood, wicker, rattan, teak, bamboo and sea grass are commonly used for furniture structures. While light woven fabrics such as linen and cotton are used for upholstery, draperies and linens because they are natural and lightweight which helps to reinforce the light, airy beach vibe.  For flooring; tile and stone products provide sustainability and stay cool in the heat, while distressed, weathered or white-washed hardwood products pair well with white or light colour palettes and feel nice under foot. You decide. Complete the style by adding an area rug made from jute, sisal, sea grass or knotted wool to bring in more natural elements and add texture to your space.  

Tip #3 – Let the Beach Inspire Your Colour Palette

The coastal/beach decorating style favours a predominately white colour palette with accents in neutral shades accompanied by beach inspired colours.  Choose muted versions of colours that emulate water, sky, sand and sun for the baseline of your palette. These colours are best because light colours reflect sunlight and therefore keep interiors cool in hot, humid temperatures. Since this style relies on simplicity, choose only a couple of accent colours to add some excitement to your space.  Take inspiration from florals, plant or sea life, beach towels and umbrellas or anything else that makes you think of the beach.

Tip #4 – Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

To truly embrace this style and complete your design, accessorizing must be executed well.  Accessories should showcase memories of good times with family and friends, as well as display keepsakes and treasures.  Pieces of sea glass, shells, stones, driftwood and starfish are all great examples of items that would work well in a beach themed space. Weathered and well-loved pieces should take precedence over anything too precious.  You can also incorporate nautical accessories such as ropes, sailboats, maps and lanterns, but do so sparingly so that your design doesn’t become too overdone. The idea is that keepsakes should be a gentle reminder of a fond time you had on a boat or at a beach.

Beach themed living room

Implementing these tips will surely help you to create a space that is relaxing with a bright and airy ambiance that is reminiscent of the beach.  We hope these tips have helped you, however, if you have any trouble or you’d like our professional assistance please check out our services. We’d love to help you design your beach themed space.  Happy Summer!

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