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Hey all! Hope you’re all enjoying a lovely [almost] Spring day!  Even though it's pretty wet over here right now, I LOVE this time of year! Despite the ugliness of the….EVERYTHING and filthy snow banks, the longer days and birds chirping get me super pumped about nicer weather being right around the corner.  And, with Spring comes decorating season, which is good news for me and for you too if you’re looking to spruce up your space.  So, with that in mind, I thought I’d send out some helpful tips to help you style your home. In particular, today I’m going to give you 10 no-fail tips on how to style a console table so that your entryway is beautiful, welcoming and is an expression of you.

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how to style a console table 2019 - 10 no fail tips

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How to Style a Console Table Cheat Sheet & Shopping List

“Styling” or “accessorizing” in interior design can be compared to the jewellery that you add to an outfit. Basically, styling refers to the putting together of thoughtfully selected details that make up a room's personality. Interior styling is SO important for creating a "finished" look. You can have gorgeous furniture and gorgeous finishes, but without styling your space, it will appear spiritless and lack charm.  So without further ado, here are 10 tips on how to style your console table and four examples demonstrating how to do it.

NOTE - You don’t have to use all 10 tips to style your console table, but you try to implement at least five for best results.

PRO TIP – Don’t limit yourself to just console tables. You can use a sideboard, chest, credenza or anything else that will fit in your space.

Ok, NOW without further ado……

Combine a variety of items on and around your console table that are either; functional, decorative or personal/reflect your personality.
how to style a console table - contemporary coastal

Console Table | Ottomans | Jute Vase | Grey Vase | FramesBowl

Choose one to three colours to create a colour scheme for your design. Distribute the colours from your scheme throughout your console table design via décor.

Mix materials and finishes to create contrast and interest (eg. pair wood with glass or metal with marble, etc). Mix shapes as well (eg. pair round objects with square objects, etc).


styling a console table - modern farmhouse

Console Table | Baskets | Arch Window | Sign Decor | Log Bowl
Vase | Eucalyptus Stems | Candle Holders | Rug

Choose accessories with varying heights. Varying the heights of your console table décor will help the eye move around the vignette you’re creating to ensure the viewer experiences each thoughtful detail. Having a high, medium and low point in each grouping also helps to ensure the elements in your design feel connected.


PRO TIP - Stack books under objects that feel too disconnected from taller ones. The books will provide the height needed to bridge the gap and make the design feel unified.


Think in odd numbers when grouping accessories on your console table. Odd numbers are more visually appealing to the eye. Groupings of 3 are common, but you can try 1, 5 or 7 as well.


Add a lamp or some candles to your console table so that you can showcase your decorating skills at all hours. Lighting is also functional and adds ambiance.

styling a console table - transitional

Sideboard | Mirror | Lamps |Florals | Bowl | Books | Beads

To ensure your styling is interesting and unique to you and your home, add something personal (a photo, an item you brought home from travels) or something with character (sculptural object, figurine, etc.} to the design.

Layering items in your console table vignettes will help to create depth and dimension. Instead of placing items side-by-side, layer them in front of one another or try stacking items (eg. a small plant on top of a couple of books).

Resist the urge to make everything in your vignette symmetrical. Symmetry is fine in small doses, but it can feel bland if overdone. If symmetry is important to you, then use two of the same objects to flank either side of your design (eg. two lamps). Otherwise, experiment with pairing different items in a vignette or place objects off-centre for added visual appeal.

styling a console table - midcentury modern

Sideboard | Asterix | Snake Plant | Ceramic Pot | Bowl
Abstract Art | Line Art | Lamp

Give life to your vignette by adding organic textures such as plants, succulents, branches or flowers. Natural items provide the finishing touch and they're perfect for tying in your colour scheme or just adding a little charm to your console table design.


Whattaya think?  You got this down?  Sure you do!  If you want added confidence that you’ll pull this off then grab a copy of my FREE How to Style a Console Table Cheat Sheet & Shopping Checklist here.

How to Style a Console Table Cheat Sheet & Shopping List

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That's all I've got for now.  Have a wonderful day and I wish the best of luck with your console table creation! :)


Val Malnar
Principal Designer | Orangetree Interiors

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