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Unlimited email communication with an e-designer for the timeframe purchased [price is per week]

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Our Design Advice e-design service is designed to help people that have a great sense of style and a grasp of interior design, but need a little extra guidance when it comes to putting everything together. Present us with an interior design challenge or issue and we'll give you expert advice with a suitable solution. Ask as many questions as you like about any room in your home and we’ll be happy to help you.  You can expect us to tackle 2-3 “involved” interior design questions per week, plus any additional quick questions. Therefore, if you are purchasing furniture, renovating or making new construction material selections a longer timeframe will be required because these decisions typically require a lot of back-and-forth and serious mulling over due to the cost involved (we recommend a 4-week timeframe).  

NOTE: This is a décor focused service.  We do not provide architectural recommendations. Once communication has commenced, the service is non-refundable. 


  • First and foremost, you LOVE DIY projects, but you desire a bit of reassurance from an interior design professional to make sure you're making the best choices for your home and budget.
  • You’ve taken on interior design projects in your own home before, but you've made a few mistakes that cost you money and valuable time – you don’t want to go down that road again!
  • You like having someone to bounce ideas off of and get opinions from, but your spouse couldn’t be less interested.
  • You want your home to be a space that you love and you’re proud to tell family and friends that YOU created. 


  • You’ll complete our Style Quiz and contact us to let us know your result so that we can get an idea of your style preferences. 
  • Contact us with your result and design issues and details about any challenges you are facing and we'll respond to you with possible ideas for a solution. Be prepared to send us photos via email so that we can get a true sense of what you are working with vs. what you want to achieve. Feel free to contact us at any time during business hours [Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST] and we’ll respond as promptly as possible (and almost always within 24 hours). We know you may be shopping and want and answer on the spot so we’ll do our best to accommodate you whenever possible.
  • For the duration of the timeframe of service purchased, you will have our full attention. Ask us questions or send us your ideas for paint colours, fabrics, hardwood or tile selections, furniture, décor, etc. We’ll give you our expert opinion and provide alternatives where we deem appropriate.  
  • Implement the interior design ideas that we talked about as you see fit. If you have more questions after the timeframe has elapsed, purchase another block of time and we'll be happy to continue working with you on your project. 

NOTE: Our Design Advice service does NOT include any floor plans or 3D renderings or sourcing. The service is strictly for consulting and providing recommendations for your space.


Sometimes an interior design challenge isn't worth the time, money and effort to fix on your own.  If that's the case in your current situation, you may want to consider our Design & Decorate e-design service to re-fresh your space.  Or, if you just need help with your floorplan, check out our Room Layout e-design service; we’d be happy to help you.