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  • Direct communication with an eDesigner
  • Private access to your design project
  • Professional shopping services for accent furniture and decor
  • Access to trade exclusive furnishings
  • Custom curated furniture & decor for your personal Design Style
  • Concept board
  • Style board with image(s) to represent your space 
  • Shopping list with links to order your furniture & decor
  • Assistance with ordering & coordinating delivery of trade exclusive furnishings (if applicable)
  • Interior design notes & setup instructions
  • NOTE: Prices quoted in CAD (no taxes). We service across Canada & USA
  • Watch this VIDEO to learn more or read the full description below.

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"I wish I could give 10 stars on google. Contacting Orangetree Interiors is the single best decision I have made through the whole process. I could not recommend this service enough. The designer Val, is an incredible communicator. Throughout the entire design process she was listening to my ideas while always steering me to the best design options for my space. She focused on optimizing the natural light from the room, adding ambient lighting, making sure the furniture was all my style and functioned and fit the space properly. She also kept in mind a few of my existing pieces of furniture and added a few pieces to the design. Even after discussing over 20 shades of white, she still had time for me. (We narrowed it down to one, Cloud White - the original white Val suggested to me!). Val is punctual, hardworking, detail oriented and delivered more then I could of ever expected. When I opened the drawings I got pretty emotional. I am not a visual person and tend to continually pick up pieces that I am not that thrilled with when I get them home. Now I have the designs and measurements for my dream room, I will be able to purchase the items that I love and that will actually work with the function of my room. Like I say, 10 stars!" Jodie L.


The Room Refresh eDesign service is recommended for people that have furniture that they'd like to keep but need help accessorizing their space for a more polished look. With some input from you, I'll source accent furniture, decor, art, lighting, etc. to finish off your space and give it designer appeal. I will design your space based on your interior design style, functional needs and budget.

I will communicate with you about your eDesign via email and Facebook messenger and send all concept and design boards to you through my fun and easy-to-use virtual design centre or via a private Pinterest board. All the information you need to transform your space will be provided to you in detail so that you can implement your design all at once or bit-by-bit, whichever suits your schedule.

  1. Payment is required to begin your project.  Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, ApplePay, PayPal or e-transfer to are all accepted methods of payment.

  2. Once payment is received, I will email you direct links to a Style Quiz and a Lifestyle Questionnaire (disregard if you've taken either of these already).
  3. Upon receiving your style quiz and questionnaire results, I'll upload all of your project info into my virtual design centre and invite you to submit current photos of your space, room dimensions and any inspiration photos you may have that help to capture the vision you have for your project. We'll use this space, as well as a private Pinterest board to collaborate with one another. 

  4. Now the fun stuff! I'll create a concept board with accent furniture and decor ideas so that we can narrow down your style. You will receive the concept boards within 5 business days of me receiving your project information.

  5. After you've reviewed each concept board, we'll then discuss which concept you prefer, as well as what you like and dislike so that I can send you alternative options for the items you don't like (up to 3 new options each item if necessary). Note that requesting more options may be subject to additional fees.

  6. Once you're happy with all the furniture and decor choices, I'll create the final design package. Your eDesign package will include; a style board with image(s) representing how your new space will look, a shopping source list with clickable links to make ordering quick and easy, and set-up instructions. I typically have this completed for you within 5 business days (per room) of the approval of your finalized concept board. NOTE: This doesn't happen often, but in some cases, the lead time may increase depending on my project load at the time you place your order.  I will let you know during our first interaction if I think I will need to extend the deadline so that you know what to expect. 

  7. Using the tools I've provided you with, you will get to work on creating and enjoying your new space!
  • The price for this eDesign service is listed per room. Open concept spaces may be subject to additional fees depending on the scope of your project. 

  • I have trade accounts with a few vendors. If you'd like me to order from trade vendors on your behalf, I will give you a discount on the retail pricing offered by them (where applicable) to help you with costs, while achieving a more exclusive design.

  • One complimentary round of revisions included (as stated above). Further revisions will require you to purchase the Customize It! eDesign service.

  • First and foremost, you enjoy DIY projects, but you prefer having the guidance of an interior design professional to ensure that your completed design is not only beautiful but also "works" in your space.

  • You have most of your core furnishings already, but you need help finishing off your space so that everything complements each other well and the overall design looks polished and intentional.

  • You want a space designed by a professional interior designer, but you don't have a flexible schedule that allows you to meet for various interior design appointments and therefore you need a more convenient way to complete your project.

  • Lastly, one-on-one in-person interior decorating services are appealing to you, but you prefer the affordability of online interior design.

 Are you a person that likes to see and review every single detail before you proceed with a purchase? I can't blame you; I'm the same way. It's actually one of the reasons I came up with this service.  eDesign provides you with a way to see your newly designed space before you buy anything for it. It gives you visual reassurance and therefore eliminates the likelihood of buyer's remorse. It's a more modern version of interior design that focuses on convenience.  If you have any questions, please email me at or contact me here

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