Benjamin Moore 2019 Colour of the Year Paint Colour Schemes

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As an Interior Decorator, I get asked about paint colours a lot.  So today I'm sharing five colour palettes that you can use throughout your entire home, all centered around Benjamin Moore's 2019 Colour of the Year Metropolitan.  

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2019 Color of the Year Benjamin Moore Metropolitan Color Schemes

is a stylish, mid-tone grey paint colour with blue-green undertones. It's subtle and sophisticated without pretension. It's calming, versatile and neutral making it suitable for almost any design style......hence the reason why I chose it for the base of the following colour schemes. :)

PRO TIP:  The paint colour palettes presented here can be used for painting the walls throughout your home, or you can use them as guidelines for selecting furniture and décor.  I suggest picking up the paint sample cards from your local paint store and carrying them with you as you shop for furniture and décor. Use the sample cards to compare the colour with furniture and decor you select to help you stay within the guidelines of your chosen colour scheme.

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Before we dive in, let’s talk about the grey component in Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan. Grey is calming, soothing and versatile. Grey is actually not a colour, but rather a mix of pure white and dramatic black. Because of its understated quality, it's considered a true neutral and pairs well with almost any colour. Therefore it can be used freely throughout your space. It offers the perfect backdrop for other colours to dominate and is especially popular in contemporary interiors. That being said, grey can feel depressing if too much of it is present. It’s important to balance it with other colours or use warm tones of grey to make it more comforting.  These paint colour schemes will do just that.

This colour palette combines the calming properties of blue and grey with the renewal qualities of green. It's a mid-to-deep tone colour palette that is revitalizing and rejuvenating. 

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Benjamin Moore 2019 Colour of Year Colour Scheme
Stonington Gray | Metropolitan | Puritan Gray | White HeronDuxbury Gray


This colour palette is comprised mostly of versions of grey.  With the exception of Secret, it’s a mid-to-light tone colour palette that is soothing, refined and timeless.

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Benjamin Moore Whole House Colour Scheme
Stonington Gray | Metropolitan | Horizon | Oxford White | Secret

This grey-blue colour palette offers beautifully rich colour that is tranquil, serene and sophisticated.

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Benjamin Moore Whole House Colour Palette
Gull Wing Gray | Metropolitan | Storm | Pure White | Hale Navy


This neutral grey colour palette is endlessly versatile, refined and classic. It’s comprised of paint colours that pair well with a wide variety of colours.

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Whole House Colour Scheme Benjamin Moore
Intense White | Metropolitan | Gray Owl | Alabaster | Overcoat


Warm greys are some of my favourite colours.  They’re modern, but not stark.  They’re approachable and work well in both traditional and contemporary interiors.  This is the lightest colour palette of all the ones presented, but Steel Wool offers wonderful contrast if you'd like to add a bold neutral colour to your space.  

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Whole Home Colour Scheme Benjamin Moore
Cliffside Gray | Metropolitan | Calm | Chantilly Lace | Steel Wool

So there you have it.  Five colour schemes using Benjamin Moore's 2019 Colour of the Year as the starting point.  Whether you want to create a home that is rejuvenating, tranquil, sophisticated or casual, Metropolitan delivers.  If you get stuck, check out my Online Paint Consult service. I'd love to help you. 

Use one of these colour palettes to decorate your home or learn how to create your own colour scheme here.

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And, if you have even more questions regarding paint colour, check out these resources:

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 If you get stuck, check out my Online Paint Consult service. I'd love to help you.

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That's all for now.  Thanks for reading.  My goal is to help as many people as possible create a space they love, are proud of and feel comfortable in.  Contact me if there is anything I can help YOU with. 
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