Virtual Interior Design 2020..... a Year in Review!

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Well 2020 is almost a wrap.  What a crazy year it’s been!

I started the year feeling on top of the world after getting a speaking gig at the Woman on Fire Summit upon attending the Atelier Collective's conference in January.  That was followed by an AMAZING 3-day self-development conference at RISE with Rachel Hollis.  I felt SO incredibly inspired… fact, my word for the year was supposed to be “INSPIRING.” 

Then covid hit.

At first, I was fine.  I was all…."Let’s see what opportunities we can find in this hard time. Maybe this was meant to happen to force us into positive change. “When one door closes another door opens"…..yadda, yadda!  I even got to speak on my favourite interior design podcast.  YAY me! 

Fast forward a month or so of home-schooling, trying to promote a business that wasn’t getting calls anymore, trying to be a friend to my poor kids who were stuck at home and attempting to have some shred of a relationship with Tom, things started to go south.  I wanted to quit.  I was struggling with feelings of guilt, inadequacy and massive anxiety.  I didn’t quit, but I did take a step back to surrender.  I surrendered to trying to control everything. 

And then it happened…..

My phone started ringing again, my project calendar filled up, my kids became more self-sufficient and summer came which alleviated the stress of home-schooling .  And while Tom and I aren’t getting as much alone time as we used to (who does as a parent anyway, right?), we are a team that has found a way to navigate through this chaos together. 

In spite of the circumstances, I’ve been blessed with a pretty awesome year.  Here’s a snapshot of some of the happenings of the year and some of the projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on.

Wooooo-weee!  It ended up being a busy year in the end, which I am SO incredibly grateful for.  As my business grows so does my need for tools and resources.  As a result, I’ll be raising fees in 2021.  While I’m not taking any more bookings for 2020, I am accepting new clients for 2021 at this year's rates until December 31st.  Buy your service now to save on fees and I’ll get you scheduled in for the new year. 

As always, thanks for following along my journey.  If I don’t hear from you before the new year, I wish you and your loved ones lots of laughter, love and health over the holiday season.  Happy Holidays.

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