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It's almost fall, y'all! :)  Fall is one of my most favourite times of year. Whether it's the fall fairs, the leaves changing colour, Halloween parties or pumpkin spice anything - I can't get enough....I love it all!

So, to celebrate my love for fall (and also help you with your fall decorating), I thought I'd share some pretty freakin' fabulous fall wreaths for you to consider for your home decor. 

Here are 15 Freakin' Fabulous Fall Wreaths for you to drool over. 

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15 fall wreaths for 2018


 magnolia leaf fall wreath Briarwood Fall Wreath Feather and Berry Fall Wreath
Magnolia Leaf  Briarwood  Feather & Berry


Magnolia Leaf - This wreath from Wayfair is simple and beautiful.  I LOVE the rich shade of green with the brown underside; it looks very realistic.  The best part about this wreath is that you can add decor to make it festive at any time of year.

Briarwood - The variety of foliage and colour in this wreath make it SO pretty.  The combination of hydrangeas, blush tips, berries and the fall leaves that Balsam Hill uses in this wreath make it perfect for a home in the country. 

Feather & Berry  - Another great find from Wayfair, this wreath neutral wreath makes a statement without being too bold.
     Saranac Fall Wreath Heather Fall Wreath Wood Curl Fall Wreath
    Saranac Berry Heather Wreath Wood Curl & Twig Wreath


    Saranac Berry -  This wreath from The Wreath Depot represents all the fall colours so beautifully. I'm in love with it!  It reminds me of standing at a lookout point in Blue Mountain just as all the leaves have changed and seeing a forest of rich yellow, gold, orange, coral, red and green. Just lovely.

    Heather Wreath - I'm diggin' on this wreath from Pier1 as well.  I like that it has a bit of a whimsical vibe. It's also very versatile; it could easily be used at any time of year. 

    Wood Curl & Twig - Another wonderful representation of the fall colours, this wreath from Pier1 is a little more structured, but still warm and inviting. 

     Leana Cotton Fall Wreath Appalacia Berry Fall Wreath Grains Fall Wreath
    Leana Cotton Appalachia Berry Grains


    Leana Cotton - This wreath from Joss & Main is sophisticated and cute at the same time.  It's structured and neutral, but also a bit playful. I envision this one hanging on a wall inside a farmhouse home. 

    Appalachia Berry - This wreath from The Wreath Depot reminds me of being at my grandma's house when I was a child. She lived in a small rural town and made the best apple pie for real.  I don't even like apple pie, but hers, I loved.  The colours in this wreath remind me of the countryside in the fall and the ripe apples she'd peel while we chatted about whatever shenanigans I got up to that day....ahh memories. :)

    Grains - I LOVE this wreath from Williams Sonoma.  It's so different from all the others and represents the fall harvest season well. 


    Lakspur & Myrtle Fall Wreath Halloween Witch Wreath Sunset Meadow Fall Wreath
    Larkspur & Myrtle Wreath Witching Hour Sunset Meadow


    Larkspur & Myrtle Wreath - This wreath from Pier1 is so feminine and pretty.  Add a red or pink bow and it'd be perfect for Christmas and Easter as well. 

    Witching Hour - I came across this wreath at Balsam Hill and thought it was so cool!  Perfect Halloween decor for inside or out.

    Sunset Meadow - When I named my business Orangetree Interiors, THIS was the orange I was thinking about.  As I mentioned, I love the fall colours, but orange is definitely my favourite.  Sunset Meadow is the perfect name for this gorgeous wreath from Balsam Hill.


    Heirloom Pumpkin Fall Wreath Hydrangea Fall Wreath Patchwork Fall Wreath
     Heirloom Pumpkin & Magnolia Autumn Hydrangea Patchwork


    Heirloom Pumpkin & Magnolia - This wreath from Balsam Hill stood out to me for two reasons; pumpkins and texture. I like that the pumpkins are white, rather than bright orange.  Even though we know they're not real, they don't seem as fake for some reason.  The neutral colours, paired with the variety of texture make this wreath a real stand out. 

    Autumn Hydrangea - Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers.  Pair that fact with my obsession of the fall colours and it's no wonder why I chose this stunning wreath from WhiteDoorStudios in my top 15.

    Patchwork - Simple and elegant, this wreath from Pier1 reminds me of the crisp fall mornings before the colours change.  It's fresh and welcoming. 

    So that's the list. Which wreath is your favourite? Let me know in the comment section below. I hope this makes your fall decor shopping a little easier.

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    Interior Decorator Val Malnar
    Val Malnar
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