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I’ve been shopping for a coffee table for my family room for quite some time now and still haven’t made a purchase. Ugh!  For those of you who don’t know me, I am VERY frugal (ok, I’ll just say it…cheap :), so parting ways with my money is REALLY hard for me.  It’s honestly one of the biggest challenges I have as an interior decorator (although really a blessing when it comes to tight budgets).  There I go justifying myself for it again :)….Anyway, my husband and I have finally saved up enough money to decorate our family room, and the kids are just old enough now that they will listen to us when we say, “get back in the kitchen with that!” when they sneak over to the couch with their slobbered on, messy, peanut butter-banana fingers, but alas…I still hesitate.  It’s SO frustrating!!! 

I hesitate because I wonder if I can find another coffee table I like as much for a better price or one that doesn’t cost anything to ship or one that is a better value overall.  It’s exhausting!  I comb the Internet looking for the best shape, the best size, the best price, the best lead time, the best-looking delivery man (kidding, but you get the drift).  I search on-and-on only to realize that the time I’m spending looking for this “perfect” coffee table is costing me big-time because it’s taking time away from all the other, more important things I could be doing with my time. Can you say, exercise?  He-hem.

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designer vs. look-alike coffee tables

Ssssoooo….since I can’t possibly be the only person out there that does this kinda thing (at least I hope not), I thought I’d share some of the amazing designer coffee tables I’ve been swooning over as I continue on my search, along with some pretty awesome look-alikes that have caught my eye.  Hopefully, this will help save you time the next time you’re shopping for a coffee table....(if we share the same taste that is).

Please note that retailer pricing may fluctuate and I have no control over that. The prices listed are as I saw them on the date of this post. 

Designer Coffee Table #1 - The Jacob 
This coffee table is my absolute fave.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! My only beef with it is that it could be a bit taller.  I don't like leaning too far for my wine glass ;) ....oh, and the price gives me anxiety LOL.

Look-Alike Coffee Table #1 - The Urban Port
The Urban Port coffee table is exactly the same dimensions as the Jacob. The only notable difference I see between the two tables is the wood tone and finish. 

Jacob Coffee Table - USA $1560 Urban Port Coffee Table - USA $453.99
Jacob Coffee Table - CAN $1759 Urban Port Coffee Table - CAN $768.39
Jacob Coffee Table Urban Port Coffee Table

Designer Coffee Table #2 - The Barlett
The Bartlett coffee table is such a versatile table. The combination of metal and reclaimed wood make it work well with many design styles; farmhouse, industrial and transitional to name just a few.  This table is great for larger rooms (42.5" diameter) and the shelf provides space for extra storage. 

Look-Alike Coffee Table #2 - The Ricciardo
If you don't have quite enough space for the Bartlett, the Ricciardo coffee table will fit the bill.  Slightly smaller in diameter (35.4") this coffee table is a mini version of the Bartlett with a smaller price tag. 

Bartlett Coffee Table - USA $1199 Ricciardo Coffee Table - USA $469.99
Bartlett Coffee Table - CAN $1679 Ricciardo Coffee Table - CAN $559.99
Bartlett Coffee Table Ricciardo Coffee Table

Designer Coffee Table #3 - The Jax 
This large-scale (47.25" square, 18"H) coffee table is so practical! I love the removable trays - so helpful when you have company over. Use the trays to corral decorative items or use them for serving drinks and food - you decide. And, when the trays are removed, you have a large surface area for board games or to put the kids at when you have a house full of guests for dinner (provided you trust them on your area rug of course).

Look-Alike Coffee Table #3 - The Calhoun
A little smaller than the Jax, the Calhoun (38" square) coffee table still packs loads of style and practicality and is almost identical in appearance.  

Jax Coffee Table - USA $990 Calhoun Coffee Table - USA $315
Jax (Elsie) Coffee Table - CAN $1539 Calhoun Coffee Table - CAN $545
Jax Coffee Table USA Calhoun Coffee Table

Designer Coffee Table #4 - The Cyrano 
What I love about the Cyrano coffee table is the size - it's kinda perfect really.  It's just over 39" in diameter and almost 16" high.  The variety of reclaimed wood tones give the Cyrano so much character - a great coffee table overall.   

Look-Alike Coffee Table #4 - Rustic Pine
Okay, so the Rustic Pine isn't as close a match as some of the other coffee tables, but it's a beautiful table at a decent price so it's worth mentioning.  It's a titch smaller (36" diameter) than the Cyrano, but still a good size coffee table for an average sized room. 

Cyrano Coffee Table - USA $1000 Rustic Pine Coffee Table - USA $397
Cyrano Coffee Table - CAN $1243 Rustic Pine Coffee Table - CAN $560
Cyrano Coffee Table Rustic Pine Coffee Table


Designer Coffee Table #5 - The Blaise (Pandan Rope) 
The Blaise coffee table is the epitome of contemporary coastal.  This is a large-scale (42" diameter) coffee table that adds beautiful texture to any space.

Look-Alike Coffee Table #5 - Ira (Rattan)
The Ira rattan coffee table isn't quite as large (32" diameter) or light as the Blaise, but it's just as stylish. Its deeper colour will add depth and contrast to any space.

Pandan Rope Coffee Table-USA $968 Ira Rattan Coffee Table - USA $206
Pandan Rope Coffee Table - CAN $1339 Ira Rattan Coffee Table - CAN $348
Pandan Rope Coffee Table Rattan Coffee Table

And lastly, the coffee table I have my eye on....the Drake. This table is the perfect size (42" square) for our family room and I LOVE the shape of it - so unique!  It's so unique though, that I've been unable to find a decent alternative to share with you.  If you're up to the challenge, I'd love to see any comparable options you come across. Please send me any links you feel are appropriate.

Drake Coffee Table

The Drake Coffee Table $1103 
The Aubrey Coffee Table Canada $1539

Gorgeous, eh! I haven't decided for sure yet though. The wood tone is a bit warmer than what I was looking for. I love it so much though that I may just re-jig some of the other pieces I sourced to make the colour work better.  Whattaya think?  Is this a winner?  Let me know in the comments below.

If you're looking for a coffee table and any of these coffee tables interest you, I'd take advantage of the sales that are going on this weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving. And, if you'd like more helpful shopping finds, design tips and access to FREE interior design guides, checklists and cheat sheets then join our Design Tribe.  


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